How to make youtube Video

How to Make YouTube Video

How can you set up a video and film it on YouTube? YouTube videos can be as casual or high quality as you like; If you do not want to plan your video, go to the end of the video, read the instructions on uploading the video to youtube.

how to make youtube videos
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Steps to make a youtube video

  1. Prepare to film make setup ready
  2. Filming Video
  3. Uploading the file from Desktop to YouTube
  4. Uploading from Mobile App to YouTube
  5. Uploading YouTube to Mobile Site (iOS)


a. Use the Webcam for convenience:

Like a Smartphone, most laptops built in the last five years have integrated webcam (on top of the monitor). Webcam’s video quality is less than standard video cameras, but if you cannot afford a Smartphone or camera, then you can work with them.

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If your computer does not have a webcam, you can install and install one in 600-700 rupees.

b. Use a Smartphone for mobility:

Most of the smartphones found in the market come with three video making assists: video cameras for recording video, a microphone for recording audio, and large hard to store everything Drive. Where smartphones are portable, audio and visual quality is less than a dedicated video camera.

Smartphone for mobility
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The videos take a lot of storage space. After recording you will have to transfer from your video phone.

c. Use a video camera for high-quality filming:

You can buy a decent quality video camera at Amazon for less than 3000, or buy a very high-quality video camera for 5000 rupees. The video camera’s display is better than a quality Smartphone or webcam.

video camera for high-quality filming
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Most modern video cameras have a removable SD card, which can transfer from video camera to the computer. Before buying, double check whether the camcorder has an SD card.

d. Record content from your computer monitor:

For this, you can download third-party software that allows the screen to be recorded. If you are recording tutorials or video game footage, then you should use this program.

Record content from your computer monitor
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Many programs allow you to record multiple videos together. If you want, you can set up Facecam with the help of the webcam we discussed earlier. By doing so, you can record the main content by creating an overlay of Face Cam on the main content. They do that streamer, but many people use this technique to make YouTube videos.

At the time of recording, first make a test clip to see if both audio and video are being recorded properly

e. Think of buying a dedicated microphone:

This is not very important, but good sound quality can make good or bad videos; So it is not fair to rely on the built-in microphone of your recording item. If you get a good microphone that matches your recording item, then the overall quality of your video will get better.

dedicated microphone
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Some video cameras have a dedicated microphone and all the hardware that connects them.

f. Try writing scripts:

By the way, this is optional, but by deciding the category of video, you will get an idea of how to record the video. Occasionally seeing the script will keep you on track, the structure of the video will improve (become more professional) and you will not forget anything.

g. Try to select a current trend for videos:

YouTube hosts many videos of millions of users, but some video types are more popular.

Video blogs, or “vlogs”, are a regularly updated video series in less than 10 minutes, in which the creator reveals everything in his mind.

Video games – Related videos attract good traffic, especially if you talk about recent releases.

In tutorials, you can tell about any topic in which you have complete knowledge.

There are videos of images and video clips set in Montage Music.

Pat videos are always popular. They are usually recorded with a hand-held item, such as a Smartphone or camcorder. There is a pate of the builder doing something funny or heart-warming.

Reviews are video blogs that revoke a product or service. If you revoke anything, you will be more funny and cynical, more people will like it.

Different types of approaches and styles are used in comedy videos. These are often made with friends, and they can be included in practical jokes, silly dancing, and scripted sketches.

h. Making videos for personal use:

If you want to share your experiences with those friends and relatives who are not there, then YouTube is a very easy way to erase distance.

family picnic
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If you want to make a family event such as a family picnic, wedding and birthday, then plan ahead of time so that you have a RAW video that you can edit and apply to YouTube.

You can lock any video if you want so that only those who have their URL (web address) can see it, but there is no guarantee that they will not see anyone else. Make the content of your video clean and according to the guidelines of YouTube.

i. Create a video from many other videos:

These practices are right with video clips that are not of any one user, like old TV shows and cartoons.

If you are using this method, you will not need video recording equipment, but you still need source files for downloadable video clips.

“Remix” videos are often trapped in legal troubles. You will not be trapped in any trouble to make them, but if the copyright holder of the original clip used in them asks you to remove your video, then youtube will do it immediately.

2. Filming Video

a. Check that you have lots of lights:

if possible, make a film in natural light during the day. If you want to make a video in the night, keep a little light so that people are seeing what you are doing.

lots of light
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If you are recording yourself, then you should sit face down on the light, and the camera’s face should be on your side.

These steps do not apply to screen capture videos.

b. Selection of your clothes by thinking:

If you have a fixed background, do not wear clothes of that colour (for example, if the wall is black then do not wear black or dark clothes.

c. Keep your background clean:

If your background is not clear then people will think that you are disorganized and dirty, and a clean, professional-looking background looks more attractive to look at the dirty background.

background clean
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d. Start recording:

Once you have thought of Idea for video, do all the work which helps to record the video set up.

You may have to record several times. This is quite normal, especially for a beginner.

Record more than what you have to use. You can remove these more things later; Do not think about making timing perfect from the beginning.

e. Speak loudly and clearly:

It works in double ways, keeps your audio quality and attracts people’s attention.

If you are using a microphone then speak directly to it. This is more important when you are using a recording item that has built in mic.

f. Keep in mind what kind of information you are giving:

You will not want people to know what your name, the number is or where you live.

g. When you stop recording:

Be careful to ensure that you press the Stop button on your recording item. By doing so your recordings will be saved automatically.

3. Uploading from Desktop to YouTube

a. Transfer the video to a computer if you need it:

If the video is on the SD card of a camera, then plug the SD card into the computer, if it does not open from you, open it, and the video is “DCIM” from the folder Move to a computer.

Your computer may not have an SD card slot. If this is the case, you will need a USB card reader.

b. Open YouTube:

Go to from the computer’s web browser. If you are logged in, your home page will open.

If you do not have logged in YouTube, then click SIGN IN at the top right corner of the page, and then enter your Google Account information.

c. Click on the “Upload” icon image title Android7videocamera.png:

You will find it on the upper right side of the page. Clicking on it will drop the drop down menu.

d. Click Upload Video:

This will also be in the drop-down menu. This will open the video upload page.

e. Click Select files to upload:

This is the middle of the page. Clicking this will open the file explorer (Windows) or Finder window.

f. Upload your video:

Upload the video you want to upload by clicking once, after that you click Open in the lower right side of the window.

g. Adapt the description and title:

Adapt the title of the video in the “Title” box, followed by the description in the text box at the bottom of the title.

h. Select thumbnails:

Make a thumbnail of your video by clicking one of the thumbnails located on the lower right side of the page.

You can also choose Custom thumbnail by selecting the Custom thumbnail.

i. Click Publish:

This page will be a Blue Button located in the Upper Right Corner. By doing so, your video will be uploaded to YouTube after processing.

You can get an idea of processing time by looking at the progress bar coming up on the page.

4. Uploading from Mobile App to YouTube

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a. Open Youtube:

Tap on the YouTube icon, which is similar to the logo of youtube. If you are logged in, you will open the YouTube home page.

If you are not logged in to YouTube, you will have to select your account before entering ahead and enter your email password in it.

If you intend to edit the video before uploading, you must first transfer it to your computer and edit it there. If so, then go back to uploading to the desktop from the desktop.

b. Tap “Upload”

Icon: It will be on the upper right side of the screen. By doing so, he will take you to the upload page.

Youtube will have to give access to your phone camera, microphone, and camera roll before you can proceed.

c. Select video:

Tap the video you want to upload.

d. If necessary, edit your video:

You can change the length of the video by dragging the ends of the video bar by dragging left or right, or by visiting the props tab at the bottom of the screen, you can use the video’s visual presentation Can change music.

e. Tap NEXT:

This will be in the top right corner of the screen.

f. Advertise video title and description:

Type the title for your video in the “Title” box, followed by the title of its title below (Optional).

g. Tap UPLOAD:

it will be in the top right corner of the screen. After this your video will start uploading to youtube.

h. Wait for the video to upload to YouTube:

Once the video is live, you will be able to see it on your channel.

5. Uploading YouTube to Mobile Site (iOS)

mobile ios to youtube
mobile ios to youtube
a. Open the Photos app:

Tap Share icon. This will open the Sharing menu on your device.

b. Press the Youtube Icon:

(If the icon is not there, go to First Row in Right and press MORE. Note that youtube is selected).

If you are not logged in to YouTube, you will have to select your account before entering ahead and enter your email password in it.

If you intend to edit the video before uploading, you must first transfer it to your computer and edit it there. If so, then go back to uploading to the desktop from the desktop.

c. Interpret title and description of your video, quality, privacy and so on.

d. Tap on “Upload” or “Publish” icon:

it will be in the upper right side of the screen. By doing so the video will be uploaded to youtube.

e. Wait for the video to be uploaded to YouTube:

Once the video is live, you can see it on your channel.


If you do not know about the use, then avoid buying more expensive cameras (eg, DSLR).

Do not think that you will become famous overnight. If you have millions of channels on YouTube, it will take time for people to recognize your potential.

More about your channel and during video-especially when shooting live streams-than being positive will attract more people to watch your videos.


Do not steal other people’s content.

Just like user-created content and website, you will also find Bulge, Troll and many people who try to show you low on YouTube. If you cannot ignore them, you can disable the comment on your video.

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