keyboard shortcut for degree symbol

How to Make Degree Symbol Through keyboard?

The degrees symbol is one of the most efficient symbols and it is used on a daily basis. However, even when you’re working with the degree symbol, you will have time to look forward with using the mathematical formulas. The only problem you will have is entering the degree symbol via a keyboard. Basically, you may have a lot of problems in entering the degree symbol. It is because this standard symbol does not have any physical character on the keyboard. There is no keyboard shortcut for the degree symbol. You can insert degree symbol via a keyboard either in Windows or OS X.

How to make degree symbol through keyboard?
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The special character tool

Windows, as well as OS X, has an open tool which will enable you to put up special characters. You can even insert the degree sign through this open tool.

Character Cap

keyboard shortcut for degree symbol
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Another prominent way through which you can insert degree symbol through the keyboard is via a Character Map. There may be various controls in the Microsoft Office and the menu selection with names. The Insert Special Character will allow you to put up the Character Map, thus you can know how to type a degree symbol. There is no degree symbol on the keyboard.

Windows 8

To insert the degree sign, you will need to put up the mouse pointer present in the upper right and lower right corner of screen. This will enable you in the Charms menu.

  • Next, you will need to click for search for charm menu.
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  • In the character map, you will need to insert in a Search box.
  • This will enable you to get the potential results.

Windows 7

To know how to make degree symbol from a keyboard, you will need to understand a lot of things. You can find it from the Character Map

degree symbol on keyboard
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  • In the table, you will have a degree symbol. Thus you can type it from there.
  • Next, choose the select button.
  • Further you can choose to copy it from the button.
  • Next, you will close the character map.
  • However, your final step should be to paste it using Ctrl+V option.

Keyboard shortcuts

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There are various special character tools that will allow you to have access over the files. You can just insert a symbol from the option. You can follow the keyboard shortcut and work it accordingly. In Windows, you can select the Alt-248 and Alt-0176 for getting the zero degree. In OS X, you will get to press Option-Shift-8 and Option-K.

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