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What is a Patina?

Patina is a brown or a green film found on the surface metals like copper, bronze, and similar metals. It is due to prolonged exposure. Oxidation or different another chemical process produces this tarnish. Get info on copper Patina and Shim Stocks from here.

What are Copper Patina and its formation:


The natural changes that copper metals undergo makes them one of a kind that is hard to replicate. The oxygen interacts with the metal atoms in the presence of water. It forms a copper patina. The higher the temperature, reactions happen at the surface of copper.

Copper furnishings add elegance in a living metal.

Here are different types of Copper Patina

· Dark Antique
· Bronze
· Old Coin
· Natural raw copper

Physical texture of the copper foil has excellent depth and brings out the character of the Copper Patina. Textures of Copper Foil

· Light Hammered
· Hand Hammered
· Smooth

What is Brass Patina? Know about its formation

brass patina

Brass is an alloy. It’s a mixture of various metals, and as it ages due to oxidation, it develops in a Brass Patina. All the vintage brass items are sturdy and beautiful.

Patina is a beautiful process it takes its own time.

Steps to develop brass Patina

· At first, you have to make a solution of salt and vinegar
· Then soak the brass
· Bake the piece of brass
· Then you have to apply the vinegar
· Let it dry
· Finish the brass
· Lacquer it.

What is Shim Stock?

A Shim is a thin wedged piece of material used for filling gaps or spaces between objects. Shim Stock is a material used to make Shim. It is thin and tapered.

Types of Shim Material

· Copper Shim Stock
· Brass Shim stock
· Polyester
· Stainless Steel

Reasons for choosing Brass Shim Stocks

There are generally 3 factors to consider before using a shim for any project:

Type of material

Why people prefer Brass shims

High malleability: Brass is more malleable than bronze and zinc. Brass is easy to cast. Using shims in the machinery industry to fill gaps or to create a level surface is popular. Brass is the best option because it is a soft metal. It has a low melting point.

Copper Patina wiki

Corrosion resistant: Brass is corrosion resistant. It is the primary reason for using brass in pipes and tubing. And It has a strong resistance to tarnishing. It is corrosion resistant to water, fuel, oil or alcohol.

High recyclable: Other metals are entirely different from brass as it uses magnets. Brass lacks magnetism. 90% of the brass can is recyclable. Brass is not ferromagnetic. Low friction: Brass has a low friction rate being a soft metal. Brass is a great conductor of heat and electricity. It is harder and stronger than copper. Brass is stronger according to the proportion of copper and zinc content.

Brass has all the suitable properties for the Shim Stocks. It is the best choice of the manufacturing industries. There are around 300 materials to consider for shims, but brass shims are one of the bests to use in the projects.

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