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Website Designing

Sometimes we may not have time to think how a web page is designed before being hosted in the extensive website. This brings us to the question, how do we design a website using web designer. There are a number of web page designs that people choose from depending on what they want to do with the website and depending on their personal needs. It should be remembered that website designing is a process and they should be compatible with the needs put forward by the owner. In that case, it is crucial to understand how to design a website that meets the needs of those who want to post their contents in it.

 Designing web pages using Basic HTML html web page design examples

HTML stands for the hypertext markup language. This is one of the most common languages used for designing or creating web pages. This is also a language that the designer inputs in order to communicate or in order to instruct the computer to create certain features that can be hosted on the vast web. Lest look at how we can design a simple website using HTML. First, you need to be aware of the following languages: JavaScript, Python, and PHP languages. These are just but a few modern languages that form the basis of web designing. When designing websites, you also need tools like text/image editor, your creativity and a computer of course.

Examples of HTML web pages

In order for us just to have a vivid understanding of how to design a website. However, before you can do anything, you need to install a text editor. The most basic of all is the Notepad. This one of the basic element in web designing. Here is a basic syntax that will answer the question, “How to create a website or web page”.  The first thing to start with the header. The header contains a title and it looks like this: <html><head><title>. Your web page title will appear here</title></head>. This is the first step where you create the heading of your web page.web page design

Secondly, the body or the content will appear. This is written as follows. <Body> Write anything that you want to appear in the body of your web page. Then close the content line with </body></html>

The above examples are web design methods that you will always encounter when designing a website using basic HTML. It is important to note that you need to start with the header which contains the title, the middle section contains the contents and the closing section which contains closed or open holders. These are the basic website designing ideas worth taking into consideration.

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