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123 Movies

Almost everyone who loves to watch drama and movies, they always prefer to watch them in HD format. 123 movies is one of the leaders of HD movies which can be viewed online at free of cost and that too without downloading.

In fact, MPAA – The Motion Picture Association of America is aware of all these. So they are alerting the US representative about the particular site and its enormous growth globally.fmovies

However, as the web portal does not operate this site from the US, this industrial group related to Hollywood is also approaching what they think can be the operations center of 123Movies which is Vietnam. Thus, following the steps indicated by the ambassador of the US, The Motion Picture Association of America seeking the help of the authorities of that country.

Years ago, The Pirate Bay rated as the most visited pirated sites around the world. Users visited it to download the contents they wanted which caused companies to attack it to deactivate it. Later than MPAA has visited Vietnam and talked with local authorities how they can treat the sites in the country where Fmovies pirated. And now it has a new competitor: 123movies.


123movies is a streaming portal website that managed from Vietnam. The associations are pressuring the authority to take action. The MPAA has ensured that 123 movies are the well-known site in the world which is illegal. It has millions of users who use this site on daily basis to view content without paying. Its popularity has already surpassed The Pirate Bay site.123movies wiki

The MPAA has warned the United States trading representative regarding the growth of this site globally. But Hollywood already knows they cannot do much with the site which operates from another country. That is the reason why the authorities pressured. The works have focused on the office of the investigation by the Police to cope with such pirate sites, highlighting this portal as the main objective which has around 98 millions of visitors every month.

123movies is a threat to the United States because users around the world connecting to consume copyrighted content without paying. The fight will tough because first, the collaboration of the authorities needed to deactivate the site. That could cause their managers to start operating from another place, where they would also have to work.

The Pirate Bay is no longer the most famous pirate site in the world. The post has been occupied by 123movies which is now a place from which all kinds of contents with free copyright can be downloaded.

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