Von Neumann architecture

Von Neumann machine

There large numbers of computers developed in recent times which capable of performing a number of tasks. It required as the number of operations performed by a single individual increasing on daily basis. These kinds of computers simplify their operations of handling a number of tasks. Even it will result in improved productivity of them. Get to know more about the Von Neumann architecture from here.

Different processing algorithms developed in modern computers which originate from the von Neumann architecture. This changed the conventional computers which hard wired. It resulted in simplifying the different operations which performed over the computers. Even numbers of organizations now dependent on computers for performing a number of their tasks in an automated fashion.

von neumann machine

What is Von Neumann Architecture?

This architecture was first developed by a physicist and also even mathematician John von Neumann. It designed for storing a single program on the computer to perform different operations. A device which developed by him is forming the basis for all the modern computers available in today’s time. Mainly these computers running on the arithmetic input and also on basis of logic.

These devices having a processor, controller unit, memory, mass storage as well as input and output devices. When it developed there were computers which were hard-wired for performing a single task. To make them do more tasks one has to rewire them for another task. As this kind of computer developed a general purpose started. It resulted in a number of operations started getting performed over these von Neumann machines.

von neumann model

One can thereby say that von Neumann has designed the basis of modern computing. Its computer changed the way computers used to perform. Even it resulted in many different individuals starting to think about changes in the way computer performs. A similar computer Harvard architecture was having a dedicated data address and also even busses. They normally used for reading and also writing the memory.

Von Neumann architecture won in front of others due to the simpler design which implemented. It resulted in the widespread acceptance of this kind of architecture. Even newer developments started in this field for making changes in the design.


Thus, we can say that the Von Neumann model changed the way computer used to function. It developed a new method of computer functioning which resulted in transforming the computer design. This even helped in improving the overall productivity by use of modern computers as it resulted in improved outcome.

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