Looking at the large spread of the internet, it is important to ensure that all of the operations are running smoothly. For that various services developed which effectively connecting humans with computers. This will ensure that a proper communication is taking place between humans and internet-based computers for improving the overall productivity. We have discussed here in brief about what is openDNS and how to use OpenDNS.

OpenDNS is basically the name of the DNS which is providing the service to the internet users. It will provide benefits which will include filtering the content and protection against phishing. There is lesser downtime expected as there are a number of servers available from around the world. This will help in ensuring that if any of the servers is down then another server can immediately take its place.opendns servers

Why should one adopt OpenDNS?

There, a number of reasons associated with adopting the OpenDNS servers. When we are accessing the internet we enter the name of the web address. Web Address gave because humans are more comfortable with remembering these addresses. But on the internet, each of the websites hosted over a particular IP address. It is not possible for humans to remember those IP addresses. This function of connecting the web address with their respective IP address done by DNS servers.

DNS servers are basically the directory which will provide details of the linking of a particular web address with its corresponding IP address. OpenDNS, just extending the service provided by DNS by adding more servers to the service. It will help in handling a large number of user requests simultaneously to ensure that the user is able to get to the desired website. Even this server won’t get down as there are a number of servers associated to take its dns ip

These OpenDNS is adding a layer of security which will help your device to remain secure from different phishing attacks. It will thereby help you to have a control over the websites which you are visiting. Also, you will have more control over your privacy as you won’t be suffered from any of the malicious attacks. There are few of the free service available by OpenDNS address, but if you are willing to use advanced service for business and large institutions then there is a subscription fee.


Thus, we can say that OpenDNS IP is an important service which can help the user to connect to the desired website easily. Even it is providing the protection to its users over different threats existing on the internet and phishing attacks. This will allow you to surf the internet smoothly without facing any kind of problems in surfing the internet.

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