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MilesWeb WordPress Hosting:

Looking to launch your website in minutes? Look no further. We will show you a step by step process on how to get started with your WordPress website at MilesWeb.

The first step:

If you haven’t yet registered the domain name for your website you can register it from MilesWeb.

Search for the choice of your domain name, select for the duration, add to cart and proceed for checkout.

The registration process is quite quick, it hardly takes 5-7 minutes to setup a domain.

If you have a domain name already simply go to the next step.

milesweb wordpress hosting

Step 1: Go to

To begin with, browse for and navigate to ‘WordPress’ from the menu on the top.

Under WordPress hosting page you will see a complete detailed feature list with its description and various plans for WordPress hosting. All these WordPress hosting plans of MilesWeb have Jetpack license version included with them without any additional cost.

milesweb best wordpress hosting

Step 2: Choose a Website Hosting Plan

MilesWeb currently has 7 different plans for their WordPress hosting. Four of their plans (Ace, Heart, Spade, and Diamond) include Jetpack’s free version features whereas the other three plans (Jack, Queen and King) have Jetpack Premium/Professional features.

Let’s consider the basic plan of MilesWeb-Ace. It starts at Rs.69 per month. This plan has 1 GB of SSD storage for your website with free SSL certificate and Jetpack Free version features.

milesweb hosting plan

The other plans are great too. It just depends upon the requirement of your website and the approx number of visitors that you may have. If there are thousands of visitors flooding your website each day, consider getting their other available plans that suit your needs.

MilesWeb has India and US server locations for their WordPress hosting plans. You can pick your data center location depending on the geographical location of your target audience. They also offer unlimited hosting plans, if you want unlimited resources for your website. You can check them under their ‘Unlimited hosting page’.

milesweb plans


Step 3: Setup a Domain Name

Once you click on the ‘Buy Now’ button you will be taken to a checkout page where you have to setup your domain name and fill other information.

If you haven’t registered a domain name previously, you can still register it here. Enter your name and choose your TLD and click ‘Check’ to verify if the domain is available.

milesweb domain setup

If you have a domain registered beforehand click “I already have a Domain for the hosting plan”. Enter your domain URL and ‘Click Save’.

In case your domain is registered with some other hosting provider and you want to move it to MilesWeb, check the box that says “I want to transfer my domain to MilesWeb”.


miles web hosting

Step 4: Fill in your details

Create your account by entering all your details, such as first name, last name, email id, business name, address etc. Your account details and payment receipt will be sent to your email id.

It’s optional to add your company name and GST number, in this form.

If you have already registered with MilesWeb, simply login with your username and password by clicking ‘Already Registered’.

milesweb details

Step 5: Configure your package and consider the add-ons (Optional Step)

By default with the Ace plan, you will get Jetpack free version and Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. However, you can also change your SSL certificate from the default one to Comodo SSL Certificate. Besides this, if you want a backup, you can select from the drop-down list. It is recommended that you select this backup option to ensure your website data is backed up from time to time to avoid data loss in any accidental scenario.

wordpress hosting

You can also set admin username and password for your WordPress platform. This is an optional step-default username and password will be set by default if not done by you.

wordpress hosting plans

MilesWeb offers plenty of add-ons for all their web hosting services. Not all of them are mandatory, but you may consider some of these add-ons if necessary for your site.

Some add-ons that MilesWeb offers are- Sitelock, Google Analytics integration, Facebook business page setup and more.


Step 6: Finish Registration (Checkout)

Then comes the final step in registering your account – to confirm the order details and make the payment.

Here, you can enter the promo code and avail discount on WordPress hosting.

Note- MilesWeb is currently offering 35% discount on Heart, Spade, Diamond, Jack, Queen and King plan.

This is the last step you’ll go through before making the payment. Pay close attention to the add-ons you have combined with your package and do a final review of your complete order.

Here, the price of Ace plan is calculated annually.

Once all the details are verified, go through the terms and conditions before clicking on ‘I confirm that I have read and agreed’, you can now proceed for the payment. The payment gateway of MilesWeb is trusted and verified. They use PayUmoney as their payment gateway. You can select your desired payment mode and complete the checkout process.


Wrapping Up

Once you have purchased WordPress hosting and domain name from MilesWeb, you will receive emails for your receipt and login details. Their WordPress hosting by default comes with pre-installed WordPress you can simply go ahead and launch your website by uploading the files to the server.


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