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Blockchain technology become the future of poker

People used sea shells, salt and sugar, coins, banknotes, money. We live in an era where money and Cryptocurrencies are almost equal in the trades and transactions. Money volatility in the last few years put the accent on the Blockchain technologies. Blockchain technology works on some simplified payment methods. If you are an online poker player, you know about the Aruba scandal. Poker players who were competing have lost the money. Blockchain technology can help people regain trust in the finances of the poker world. This is why it will become the future of poker.

But, what is Blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many more. These are the digital currencies. Blockchain functions as a distributor of the financial transactions. A big plus is that the third parties are not included in the transactions. Decentralization is the main idea here. So, this way, transactions became more simple and more secure.

Playing poker online

The use of Blockchain technologies in playing poker online is exactly visible in the excluding of the third party or the middleman. We all like direct things the most, right? Imagine that you want to say something to your partner, but you need to say it to a middleman first. The message then comes to the recipient, but the process will bore you.

That is the thing with the online transactions also. The procedures without Blockchain can take some time. This doesn’t happen always, but Blockchain technology does the transactions faster. Plus, fees are excluded also.

So, what are the main goals of applying Blockchain technology?

Lessening of the costs,
• Improving the transactions speed,
• Enabling the global ledger,
• Ensuring safety of the poker players.

It has the tendency to combine the world of poker and the world of Cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology will benefit both sides – mentioned above. Poker books explain this to the tiniest detail. But, what is the point here, the transactions take a few hours only, in comparison to a few days without the Blockchain technologies.

The world trend made Blockchain technologies and infrastructure grow rapidly. Trading with Bitcoins is largely adopted by the companies all around the world.

Long-term cooperation

As we said, the growth of Blockchain infrastructures is massive. Plus, there are no prospects about the failure of the system. Concluding, it has long-term expectations. The thing with poker is the same. It is a game only for the long-term players. If a poker player is not able to go on the long run, he has no chance of winning.

What is sure, the online poker platforms have to evolve. They just have to adopt the new financial forms. By this, we mean about Blockchain technologies. Both Cryptocurrencies and online poker have the same bright future. Would it be enough to say that more than 90% of the world’s money exists online? Money has already lost the trust, so now it is the gold time for new technologies.

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