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File Hippo, do you know what is Filehippo? It refers to a download website that offers for Windows the computer software. The website has the listing of sections that updated recently with programs and features popular downloads, that organized with program link and information. There is no need for registration. There is a free program, FileHippo App Manager scanning a computer looking for the software that outdated and provides links to recent versions. The advantage that this website funded only by user

File Hippo was founded in 2004 by a UK-based technology company. The site included a news section. File Hippo was assessed to be more than the US $12,000,000 worth in the year 2015 November and one of the important points to know is that File Hippo denies accepting from publishers any software submission.

File Hippo is a trustworthy and safe download site. This is because they do not follow the practice as other sites and add any adware or software bundles in the download. This software helps as it stores older versions and can use if required.

Is File legal and safe?what is filehippo

FileHippo is a third-party site used to download copies of pre-compiled programs. Thus, there no way to inform if these programs have modified or not from their original form or software. The site does not make use of any method or HTTPS or even hash-checking as the program downloaded. provides the simplest downloading method as the newest versions such that there are no excessive spyware or popups and also ensures the software is not of low quality.

Features of File Hippofile hippo
  • This is the best software focussing on quality
  • Fast servers featuring 100Mb connections making downloads really fast
  • Old versions programs retained and so even if you update and dislike the new version, get back to the old one any time.
  • The software is 100% virus free and spyware
  • The feature of filtering allows showing Freeware and Non-beta software
  • Resume downloads for support and downloads the managers
  • Change technical details and log for downloads
  • Optimized pages ensuring faster browsing
  • RSS feeds for updates, individual programs, and categories
  • Update the checker and scan for old software your machine.

Sites like Filehippo are as listed:

  • CNET, download
  • Softpedia
  • Sourceforge
  • Freeware files
  • BrotherSoft
  • FileHorse for Windows only

File Hippo Website: Click Here

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