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Tips On Changing The Oil In Your Car All By Yourself

If you’ve thought about changing your own oil and then decided against it because it might be too hard, you really should reconsider. It’s an excellent way to start getting to know the various parts of a car and it’s not that hard to do. Plus, oil changes at the major chains are full of inexperienced workers that constantly make mistakes, in addition to trying to sell you products that you don’t need. In fact, they make most of their money by hooking you in with a decent oil change price and then try to con you into changing fluids that almost never get contaminated and never need changing for extremely high prices. Here are some tips to get you started changing your own oil – .


Get All The Parts And Tools You’ll Need

You don’t need to get the original oil filter from the dealer, they’re very expensive and not any better than the high quality name brand filters available at the local discount auto part store in your area. Same goes for the oil, get the recommended viscosity, or thickness, that is mentioned in your owners manual or ask the sales clerk at the store. Any top name brand oil is fine for any car, just make sure it’s the type designed for your car with the SE or SF letters on the bottle, again, the sales associate will know exactly what is needed.

You’ll also need some jack stands, an oil filter wrench, a drain pan, and a wrench that fits the drain plug on your oil pan. Getting the wrench that fits the oil filter is easy, since you’ve just bought a new one, you have one to compare. If you have a full mechanics tool set, your oil drain plug will be a common size. If you don’t have a tool set, check the size and buy the wrench that fits it exactly, don’t use pliers, a crescent wrench or vice grips on this drain plug.

Jack Your Car Up And Set It Down Firmly On The Jack Stands

Once it’s up in the air, set it down onto the jack stands until it is resting firmly, no wobbling or moving, even if you push it from side to side. Place the oil drain pan under the oil drain plug, loosen the nut until you can turn it with your fingers. Then finish the job by hand, making sure you catch the plug before it falls into your drain pan. Let the oil drain out completely.

Then, take your oil filter wrench and loosen the oil filter, it shouldn’t be on extra tight. Take it off and let the oil drain out of it into your oil drain pan as well. Give the car plenty of time to drain, 15 minutes is fine.

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Now Put on Your New Oil Filter

Take some fresh new oil and moisten the rubber gasket around the edge of the new filter where it meets with the car’s engine. Then carefully screw the new filter on, making extra sure to start it out straight so the threads are not crossed. It should screw on smoothly and easily until the rubber gasket meets the engine. Then it will need another partial turn to make the seal. Read the instructions on the box, most of them recommended another 1/4 turn or 1/2 turn after the rubber gasket meets the engine, but follow the instructions at this point, don’t over tighten it.

Then, go back under your car and re-install the oil pan drain plug, carefully, straight on with no force, and don’t cross the threads. It should go easily on until it’s almost done. Then tighten it firmly, but again, don’t over tighten it, you want a good seal, but don’t ruin it.

Now fill your engine with the recommended oil in the exact quantity that your owners manual recommends. It used to always be 5 quarts, but there are now some smaller cars that only take 4 and some large trucks that need 6, so follow the manual.

After that, check oil dipstick to make sure it’s reading full. Start the engine and double check the oil drain plug and oil filter for zero leaks. If everything looks good, turn off the engine and carefully lower your car down and you’re done with your first oil change.




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