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Perhaps one of the most used numbering systems in the world is the binary code, because although it is true that the numbering system that we usually use is the decimal system, the binary code is used by computers and by all devices computers for everyday use. It is for this reason, that this binary language is very important for us, being vital to know what this system is about and what it is for. In this article, we will clear these doubts in the simplest possible way.

What is binary Code?binary code

The Binary numbering system, binary language or binary code is a numerical system that is used to represent texts, data or simply to process instructions in a computer or a computing device of any kind. This numbering system, as its name indicates, is based on only two digits (bits) the zero (0) and the one (1)

What is the Binary code used for?

The binary numbering system has many uses, from microprocessor programming, data transfer, information encryption, to digital communication, electronics and other related areas.

We can say then that the binary language is basically used by the microprocessors of the computer devices to detect the absence or presence of signal or bits as they are also known. The ease with which the microprocessor has to group up to 8 bits in a single signal is called the data transfer rate and this group of bits forms a byte, the base unit for measuring data in computing.

Thus, the binary code is extremely important for current electronics and technology, since it allows our everyday devices to work.

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How does the Binary code work?

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A computer as it works with electricity, recognizes two kinds of messages: when there is electrical power the message is yes and when there is no current, the message is no. To represent a value within a computer, the binary language is used, which uses only two digits: zero (0) -which represents closed, or off- and one (1) -which represents open or on.

The computer uses a set of eight (8) binary digits (0 and 1) to represent a character, either number or letter. For the computer to process the information of reality it is necessary to digitize it, which consists in translating everything into binary digits. Once this is done, the information can be processed and manipulated very quickly by computers, can reproduce infinitely without loss of quality compared to the original and can be transported and distributed at the speed of light.

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