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Website templates can make web design easier for you. You can search for they online, find the one that looks good for you, download it and start using it, as easy as that. However, finding the good templates can be a bit tricky if you don’t know where to start, and that’s why we present you a gallery of the best free website templates for 2018, a list with templates for a good variety of websites.

A website that fir your needs

It does not matter if you are starting or if you have been in the business for years, having a good online presence and a great digital marketing strategy will help you achieve the success you desire so much. Each of the templates shown here can be used to create websites that work from any device, whether PC, Mac, laptop, Tablet or mobile. This is important in today’s world, since most users browse from different devices.

Below you will get the list with what we consider to be the best free website templates, adapted to the modern public. Trendy, current and eye catching websites available for many purposes.


Category: Travel agency – Travel.travelix website templates

Travellix is a very good template if you are planning to build a website for any travel agency. It offers useful sections for any travel industry, like flights, hotels, car rent and services. Free, flexible and responsive template.


Category: Photography – Portfolio – Gallery.bato website templates

Impressive design, this free website template offers a unique and minimal look. This template is designed to showcase your photography portfolio to the world. Responsive and very customizable, so you can give it your own touch.


Category: Business – Consulting agency – Lawyersimmigration website temlates

Immigration Website Templates:

Immigration is a template made for consulting agencies, lawyers and any company related. While this is the focal point of the template, with a bit of coding it can be customize to any other industry as well. It is clean and responsive design, optimized to fit any device and browser.


Category: Event – Festival – Meetingevent website templates

Event Website Templates:

Event is a template made to showcase any information related to an event, a corporate meeting or any festival out there. This multi-page free website template is simple to use and easy to navigate from any browser.


Category: Blog – Lifestyle – Traveloriginal website templates

Original Website Templates:

Original is a vibrant free website template made to attract the eyes to its design. It’s the ideal template if you want to build a blog or lifestyle kind of website, with direct links to your social networks and easy to navigate.


Category: Business – Photography – Portfolio – Galleryhalo website templates

Halo Website Templates:

With Halo you can take the best of your photos and showcase them to the world. Responsive, fast and very well designed to fit your needs. With this free template you can build your portfolio and consolidate your business with a good online presence.


Category: Blog – Food – Lifestyle – Travelblanca website templates

Blanca Website Templates:

Blanca is a good template for blogging, with fresh and clean designs. It offers the option to connect your social networks to the main page, so everyone can find you in one click. Any type of blog is welcomed in this template: food, travel, lifestyle and personal blogs are some of the options that can fit very well.


Category: Business – Creative – Agency – Portfoliofplus website templates

FPlus Website Templates:

A template with a very professional look, that’s FPlus. Modern, minimal and adaptable, this free website template can fit in any business, but shines when it’s used in creative ones. Photo and video support, ideal for boost your digital marketing strategies and a place to show to your present and future clients.


Category: Restaurant – Foodrisotto website templates

Risotto Website Templates:

Risotto is a free website template that can be used for any food-related business and services. It offers a Reservation, Menus and Gallery extra pages that be customized to fill your needs. It is a full screen, responsive and flexible free website template.


Category: Consulting – Finances – Lawyer firmlaw firm website templates

Lawfirm Website Templates:

This is the perfect template if you are looking for a professional and modern business website. It is ideal for lawyers and lawyer firms. Multi-page and responsive design, aimed to attract the attention of you future clients.

And that’s it, our top 10 free website templates for 2018. Feel free to customize and give them your touch, because every template is fully customizable. This templates will help you understand hoy a website is built and the coding process of each kind of design.

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