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If you are reading this, you may already know what bootstrap is, but if not, we can teach you. Bootstrap is an open-source, free tool/library used to create and design websites. Released in 2011, this framework is among the most popular front-end component library. Bootstrap can be used to develop with HTML, CSS and JS. Once you learned that, we can show you what are Bootstrap templates and where to find the best ones.

Bootstrap Templatesbootstrap template

A Bootstrap template, theme or skin it’s just a pre-built web design that you can use as the base of your final website or the final website itself. There are plenty of options, free and premium, to download and use. However, there are benefits and drawbacks using Bootstrap templates:

  • Pros: the free bootstrap themes can help you if you are in a budget, saving you a lot of money and time. You don’t need to hire a web designer or loose time designing and writing all the necessary code to run your website. If you are in a rush or do not want to expend a lot of money in your website, a free bootstrap template will definitely help you.
  • Cons: your template is most likely to be already used by another website. The free templates can be downloaded across the world, meaning that a lot of people can use it for their websites. If you want an original and unique theme, you will need to create it by from scratch.

Once you have the pros and cons in mind, is time to learn what the best free bootstrap themes are.

Best free bootstrap templates

There are plenty of pages to find the best and free bootstrap template, so we will show you what the best themes to download are.

Agencybootstrap template 1

Agency Bootstrap Templates:

Agency is one of the most elegant and stylish free bootstrap theme available. Modern fonts, beautiful design and a modern touch, this template offers you great visuals to impact in your visitors and a clean interface to navigate through.

Creativebootstrap template 2

Creative Bootstrap Templates:

This is a one page theme. You can customize it to fulfil your needs and can be used in any business or project type of website. Be creative wit you website using this template.

Bellbootstrap template 3

Bell Bootstrap Templates:

Bell is a responsive and flexible bootstrap free template. It’s built around a one-page design, modern a customizable, so you can build a large variety of websites using this theme.

Freelancerbootstrap template 4

Freelancer Bootstrap Templates:

Freelancer is another one-page design free bootstrap theme. It’s better suited for designers, artists and photographers how want to show their portfolio. This theme is aimed to freelancers and artists, and can be viewed from any devices because is fully responsive.

Engagebootstrap template 5

Engage Bootstrap Templates:

Engage is a multi-purpose, fully responsive bootstrap template, so can be used in any kind of website. From business to artists, shop, blogs and more. You can customize this theme to your needs and it will still look good.

And that’s our top five free bootstrap templates that can be found in the web. If you are starting out with bootstrap or already know what you are doing, this templates

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