Tumblr is one of biggest social network and blogging platform, all in one, of the web. This website has an average of more than 16 millions of visitors per day, and it’s steadily growing, with new Tumblr sites being created every day. Knowing this, it’s easy to understand why you are here, because one of the major attractiveness of Tumblr it’s the customization, because you can apply any Tumblr theme of your choice and make your website a unique place to visit.

Starting with the basicstumblr themes

Tumblr was founded 11 years ago, and its popularity has increased every year. This popularity, attracting more and more people, attracted different tastes to the platform, which caused its users to see the need to create themes to satisfy their preferences. Tumblr has a lot of artists and people ages 15-25, so many of the custom Tumblr themes on the web are artist-oriented, trendy and modern age. This does not mean that there are no other themes, but this category is the easiest to get.

But what is a Tumblr Theme? Simple:

  • The Tumblr themes manage all the visual part and style of everything that your website includes. It is a package that changes the whole aspect of your Tumblr, adding new colors, fonts and layouts. Many of these packages or themes come with the option to modify their colors or sizes, allowing an even greater personalization.

One of the biggest attractions of Tumblr is that personalization capacity that the user can have, making each person have a different Tumblr page, with his own style and without having to pay for the service. The easiest and fastest customization option is the download of free Tumblr themes, as they come with many pre-designed options that are easy to modify.

If a user wants to create or modify a theme completely, it is necessary to have or learn certain notions of programming in HTML, but do not worry, here we show you where to get the best free Tumblr themes that will suit your needs.

Theme layouts

Tumblr offers different styles when it comes to showing your post, and it’s good to have an idea of each one before downloading it, to see if it suits your preferences:

  • Single-column: As its name says, this Tumblr layout accommodates all your posts in a single column and generally the scrolling is vertical.
  • Two columns: just like the single column, but with 2 instead of 1.
  • Grid: This type of layout sorts your posts in 3 or more columns, depending on the size of the post and the space available. You can maintain an order or be masonry style.
  • Good for text: Specialized theme in text posts, with clear background colors and nice fonts for reading.

Free Tumblr themes: Where to find themfree tumblr themes

On the web there are many themes available, if you know where to look. There are websites dedicated to Tumblr themes where they offer you hundreds of options, by categories, for free download. If you do not want to go far, inside Tumblr you can also get free themes created by other users. This is the most effective site and you can sort by popularity or creation date.

Best free Tumblr themes

We made you a list with some of the most popular and free Tumblr themes, responsive and high quality.

Indytumblr indy themes

Indy offers a minimalist, elegant and full responsive design. It comes with different layouts options, beautifully designed to impress all the visitors of your Tumblr page.

Salviatumblr salvia themes

Salvia is a single-column theme, beautiful in its design and with a minimal style and light colors, ideal if you have a lifestyle or travel blog mostly focused on sharing photos and small text post.

Hipstertumblr hipster themes

Hipster offers all the services that can be obtained in a Premium Tumblr theme, for free. Modern, responsive and quite attractive, ideal for any type of content. Hipster is one of the most popular themes in different categories, offering different layouts and unparalleled customization.

Basictumblr basic theme

Basic is simple in its design, minimalist and clean. With the option to include links to networks such as soundcloud and spotify, this single-column theme is ideal for a personal blog, it serves to share both photos and texts.

Yukitumblr yuki themes

Yuki is another minimalist, clean theme that stands out from the others for being oriented to the world of photography. It is an ideal subject for photographers or lovers of photography, who want to share their work and everything related to photos.

Writing Padtumblr writing pad themes

Just as Yuki is designed for photography, Writing Pad is for the text. An ideal theme for all those who wish to write, Writing Pad is one of the best in that field. If you want to have a diary, this is the ideal theme for you.

This is just a small sample of all the themes that you can find. Do not wait any longer and start to customize your Tumblr page!

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