What is discord? Discord is a free voice over IP application. It was designed and created for the gaming communities. Its creator, Jason Citron, noticed a hole in the VoIP market, where some of the actual applications were resource-heavy, demanding the resources that the players needs for the games they were playing, and the others were a bit complicated for make group calls and the way the apps were designed.

Discord, designed for gamerschat and bot command

Like some of the others chat servers used in the past, Discord uses slash commands. With this commands you can do some things that can’t be done with just text: send GIFs, play music or read texts. They are called slash commands because you put a slash “/” after the wanted command. Here is a list of the most useful discord slash commands:

  • /nick [new nickname]: This discord command changes your actual server chat name to whatever you put in the “New nickname” space
  • /tenor [search query] and /giphy [search query]: this two commands can search for animated GIFs on the web and put it in the chat server
  • /shrug, /tableflip and /unflip: this commads paste the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ and the ┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) respectively
  • /tts [Message]: this command can read whatever message is written in the “Message” box. It can be turn it on and off because some people can abuse it.

Those are the basic slash commands that you can use in discord, but every server is different thanks to Bots. You can add bots to any server you create, increasing the fun that your server users can enjoy. The list of Discord bots is huge, and you will probably fin a bot for any situation. In this article, we will use Dyno, a multi-purpose bot that can help you moderating the server and comply various tasks.

Most useful Dyno bot commands

Image Source: http://tabbots.ga

Dyno comes with its own set of commands that you can use. Some of the discord bot commands are:

  • ?google [search string]: with this discord bot command, Dyno search in Google whatever text you put between the [] and share the firs result of that search
  • ?play [url]: this command allow you to play music in your server. You can put a video link in between the [] and Dyno automatically search for a song that will start playing. If you want more song to be played after that, you can add more using the same command repeatedly.
  • ?queue list: this command will show the list of songs that you added using the ?play and are in queue
  • ?ban [user] [limit] [reason]: this command allow you to ban a user from the server. You can put a limit time for the ban and the reason of it.
  • ?kick [user] [reason]: this command kicks the user out of the server. If the user receives another invitation, it can go back again, so it’s a light version of the band command

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