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You can find one or more processes called Client Server Runtime Process or csrss.exe if you are curious enough to look in your Windows Task Manager. This process are inoffensive and they are a critical part of Windows, because they perform certain vital task to maintain the proper functioning of the operative system. If you want to know more about it, keep riding this article, we can answer all your doubts.

What is csrss.exe?client server run time

The Client Server Runtime Process was first introduced as part of the Windows NT 3.1 in 1993, and it was in charge of the graphical environment and other system functions, like the command console. After the release of Windows NT 4.0, the graphical part was moved to the Windows kernel and the Client Server Runtime Process was mainly in charge of the command console and the shutdown of the system.

This process is vital for the system operation, and it’s included in every windows version since 1993. With every new version, the tasks that the csrss.exe process performs are being reduced, like the command console one that was delegated to the conhost.exe. However, the Client Server Runtime Process still run in the background as one of the critical process that windows needs for its good functioning.

Why the Client Server Runtime Service is running on my pc?

If you have a Windows-based Pc, you will have this process running in the background. It’s one of the critical windows processes and it’s in charge of few vital task. If the csrss.exe it’s not properly working or its launch fails, the system will give you a blue screen and it will reboot.

Can I disable the csrss.exe?

No, disabling the Client Server Runtime Process will lead to a blue screen of the dead, your system will restart and the csrss.exe process will start running again. This process is a critical part of every Windows system, including Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

If there is a problem starting the csrss.exe at the startup of the system, it will give you another blue screen and it will reboot. There is no reason to disable this services, and doing it will cause you some trouble, so it’s NOT recommended to do it.

Can it be a Virus?client server run time 1

No, the Client Server Runtime Process is included in every version of Windows, it’s a safe process and it can’t be a virus, however, a malware can disguise itself as the csrss.exe to do its work undercover.

If you want to know if the csrss.exe that is running in you Pc it’s the official one follow this steps:

  • Open your Task Manager. This can be done by clicking in your Start Button and searching for “Task Manager” and then click on it or right-click on your task bar and click on “Task Manager”.
  • Go to the “Processes” tab and look for exe
  • Right-click on the process and click on “Open File Location”
  • See the folder location

If the csrss.exe process is located inside system or system 32, you can be sure it’s the official windows process. If is not, consult the location of it in the web for further information.

You can always scan your computer for virus and malware with your preferred antivirus program. Remember, a deep scan is recommended for better results.

Don’t get fooled by fake information.

Just like the ones who create malwares and viruses, there are people who just want to share false information in order to give you a bad time. Internet is full of this type of data and you need to learn how to identify it.

Never erase something from any system folder by yourself. Some people will say that csrss.exe in windows 7 is a virus or that you need to delete the Client Server Runtime Service in windows 10. That’s just a hoax, because deleting that file will harm your system and can be difficult to restore it. Never delete any file or folder inside the Windows directory, this include the famous system32 folder, because this can lead to a major system failure and it will cost you a visit to IT or a reinstallation of the operative system.

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