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Do you wonder why your game is running slow? Or do you want to know if, on the contrary, you could raise the quality of the graphics a bit without affecting its performance? What you need to do is to take a look at the fps counter of your game.

The fps, Frames per Second, tell you how many still images your computer can display for every second when you are running a video game. The higher this figure is, the more efficient your computer gets to play the video game, so you can enjoy it with greater clarity and dynamism.

On the contrary, if your game runs at a few fps, it will probably stay stuck at times, especially in the parts where the graphics are more demanding.

The performance of the frames per second of your computer when running a video game depends on several aspects: The processor you have, the speed of RAM, and most importantly: The speed of the graphics card.

But do not worry yet. Before you try to disassemble your computer, we will discover first what is the speed of your fps when you run a video game, and in order that you achieve that, we are going to tell you step by step how to find the in-game fps monitor of your pc.

Steam’s In-Game Overlaypc steams game

The Steam’s way: In-Game Overlay

Which Gamer has not used Steam? If you have not done it yet, it is definitely something we recommend you to do. Steam is a platform for digital distribution and commercialization of video games of all kinds, and multimedia material related to them. It specializes in multiplayer services and also offers other extremely useful tools such as online voice chat with your gaming team, and its latest complement: the steam fps overlay.

This new tool is an fps tracker that overlaps in a corner of your screen the fps count from your video game. Pretty useful, right?

Activating it is very simple.

Before running your video game, take a moment to open your Steam and go to the next route:pc game 3

Now you can run your game, and you will notice how the steam fps overlay appears in the corner that you selected within the configurations, with an adequate size to not cover any important aspect of the game.

If your fps tracker still does not appear, maybe it’s because the game you’re running does not belong to the games associated with Steam. But do not worry! You can include your game inside your personal Steam library and the program will automatically link it with its available tools, including steam fps overlay.

How can you include your game inside your Steam Library?

Very easy. Open your Steam, go to the “Games” menu, and then click “Add a non-Steam game to my library.” You will have to start the game through Steam, and the Steam fps overlay should be working now.

Using the NVIDIA GeForce Experience

Only available for users with a recent NVIDIA graphics card. With these new cars, you can enable ShadowPlay. You can do this to enable the GeForce experience fps counter.

To activate this feature, open your NVIDIA GeForce Experience and follow the steps below:pc game 4

pc game 5

There you go. Now the next time you rung a Game with your NVIDIA graphic card you will see the NVIDEA fps counter. But, wait! That’s not all.

With the GeForce Experience you can select the NVIDIA-recommended settings for all of your games, so you can run each of them with the best settings for your graphics card.

Enabling the Game’s Built-in Optionspc game 6

Some games, such as Battlefield 4, can be configured to show the fps overlay, without the need to use an external program. Not all games have this option available, so you’ll need to find out on the internet if the one you’re currently running can do it.

If you discover that it is possible to activate an fps checker in your video game, then you will probably have to search for it in one of the following places:

  • Video or Graphics Settings: The easiest option in which the fps counter could be found is in the graphics screen. If the option to enable the in-game fps is not visible, look for “Advanced” or “More options”, two of the more common submenus.
  • Console Commands: Most videogames have the option to activate a console, and it is possible that through it the in-built framerate counter can be activated. Battlefield 4 is one of those, and also DOTA 2, in which you can press the shortcut to enable the console and then use the fps-specific command to activated the FPS Counter.
  • Keyboard layout: A Keyboard Shortcut can be used in some games to activate a FPS counter. Some games like Smite or Minecraft have the option to press a key and show the fps overlay.
  • Config files. If you look in the configuration files of some games, you can find the option to show an fps tracker. This is the case of DOTA 2, in which you can modify its configuration file to shows its in-game fps counter.
  • Startup Options: must be configured before opening them so they can show the frame rate counter, from Startup Options. A simple way to access Startup Options is through the Steam:

pc game 7

One of the best options out there: FRAPS

Last but not least, FRAPS has always been and still is an excellent alternative as an fps monitor for all of your games. Also, it is a game video recording software, so it’s a useful addition to your desktop.

This is the option that will solve your problem in any case, so if you already went through all the previous options without having the desired result, you can count on FRAPS is not going to disappoint you, and the best thing is that this Software has a totally version free that you can download, which includes the fps monitor.pc game 8

So, once you’ve installed your FRAPS, you will see the FPS counter in the left upper corner of all your games. If you press F12 (its default key shortcut) you can change the position of the overlay.

Also, you can change the settings if you click the FPS tab on the FRAPS interface. You will have access the fps overlay settings, and you can change the hotkey, specify a different screen corner, or hide the overlay, all of that on the right side of the “FPS” settings.

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