Google Flights is a flights booking service through online. By using this service we can purchase the flight tickets through the third parties. Here you can fine airlines cheap fares on airlines and it helps to find out the best flight deals.

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Google purchased ITA Software for $700 million dollars and it is approved by United states Department of Justice Antitrust Division in April 2011. Later Google launched Google Flights in September 2011.

Google Flights Features:

Google flights allowing open ended searches based on criteria rather than destination.

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For example, If a user trying to search for flights with in a range of budget and time google flights offering multiple destination places on their range. If user selected a destination to travel, google flights will give the price details of next 12 months and that all information can be visualized in a graphical table. This is the best way to book the airline tickets in a low price. In 2015, Google Flights bought ITA Matrix. It is a best money saving airlines service.

Best ways to book Flight tickets through Google Flights:

  • It is the best and fastest service
  • It offers and identify the best deals you need
  • It provides money saving alternate services
  • Our Trips are tracked by this site through our account
  • It sends the messages on flight offers to book the flights
  • It shows the delay of the flights timings

Google Flights International Services:

Here is the list of Google flights services available in the following countries.

Bosnia and HerzegovinaGreenlandMexicoSweden
BulgariaIcelandMontenegroUnited Kingdom
CanadaIndiaNetherlandsUnited States of America
CroatiaIndonesiaNew ZealandUkraine
Czech RepublicItalyPortugal

Google Flights Review:

Google Flights Good at:

  • Finding airlines availability
  • Searching quickly for flights

Google Flights Bad at:

  • Finding the exact cheapest price
  • Find out all mistake fares

Use of Google Flights:

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1. To find the perfect flight Use the filters

2. For the best deal Search multiple airports at once

3. Scroll down your browser to check flights on South west

4. Get advance warning of price changes of flights

5. Track the price changing process before you buy tickets

6. Check out the Explore map to find destination if not sure where to go?

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