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Restaurant is a business service, prepares and serving the food items and drinks in exchange for money. Meals are eaten in the premises but lot of restaurants also offering delivery services and take out service. It offers variety of cuisines on medium range prices to high range prices.

Here you can get the List of Top 10 Restaurants in the world. The list was announced by Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Australia.

1. Eleven Madison Park Restaurant:

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Location: New York, USA

The Eleven Madison restaurant located in Madison Avenue and it designed by Bentel and Bentel. Madison delivering the exotic eat items in the park. The restaurant is managing by chef Daniel Humm from Swiss.

Style of Food: New European Food with New York Twist.

Best Food Items: celery root cooked, Honey lavender duck.

2. Osteria Francescana Restaurant:

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Location: Italy

The Ostaria temple is led by chef Massimo Bottura. He is a story teller, artist and famous for cook. He explains the amazing stories through his dish items. The Restaurant is famous for experiments with their ingredient items.

Style of Food: Contemporaneous Italian food

Best Food Item: It is famous for Cheese and more Cheese.

3. El Celler de Can Roca Restaurant:

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Location: Spain

The EI Cellar restaurant ranked as No. 1 for twice. The restaurant is managing by 3 brothers and also they are chef’s named as Pattissier Jordi, chef Joan and sommelier Josep. The restaurant food is with multiple ingredients and served in highly styli-shed plates. The dishes are designed to invoke emotions and memories.

Style of Food: Contemporaneous Catalan

Best Food Items: Perfume Desserts

4. Mirazur Restaurant:

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Location: France

Mirazur Resttaurant was established by Mauro Colagreco. The food items in the restaurant is from Italian-Argentina heritage and French items in local. He serves the Mediterranean sea food items in the restaurant.

Style of Food: Mediterranean Sea Food items

Best Food Items: Cavier and Beetroot, Oyster with Tapioca

5. Central Restaurant:

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Location: Peru

In South Africa, Central won the Best restaurant award. Established by Chef Virgilio Martinez and Pia Leon. With the 17 plus food courses giving treat to their guests on a colorful journey of Peru. The famous dish items like exotic fruits, herbs, ceviche and vegetables.

Style of Food: Contemporaneous Peruvian cuisine

Best Food Items: Spider on rock with mussel

6. Asador Etxebarri Restaurant:

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Location: Spain

The chef and owner Victor Arguinzoniz is exceptionally talented. The ingredients of the dished in this Rastaurant is fresh and relatively simple. I With simple plates, and having home made chorizo, giant palamos prawns, beef chop, anchovy on toast and more with out standing taste.

Style of Food: Wood fire barbecue from Spanish item

Best Food Items: Sea urchin, Crunchy corn

7. Gaggan Restaurant: 

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Location: Bangkok

Gaggan Restaurant is the No. 1 restaurant in the Asia. It is famous for the great hospitality. It is managing by chef Gaggan Anand, famous for the Indian cuisine items. The taste of the items here never taste before. The famous items like magic mashrooms, sea urchin ice creams and Indian sushi.

Style of Food: Indian Cuisine

Best Food Items: Yoghurt explosion

8. Maido Restaurant:

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Location: Peru

The Maido established by chef Tsumura. Before he starting a restaurant, he worked in a hotel for washing dishes. Their he learned alot on cooking of rice and making sushi. After few years he started to his place and opened a Restaurant. The Menu items of Maido is much tasty through Nikkei cuisine.

Style of Food: Nikkei Cuisine

Best Food Items: Sea urchin rice, Fish hot dog and Dim sums

9. Mugaritz Restaurant:

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Location: Spain

Here you can get excellent eating meal in a attractive garden in the whole restaurant. The dishes combined of mountains and sea and the food items like garlic omelette, oyster and pig tails. With the cultivated wool serving the items.

Style of Food: Spanish

Best Food Items: With cheese of Crunchy Sandwich

10. Steirereck Restaurant:

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Location: Vienna

In this restaurant when seated here, you felt like culinary playhouse. It is maintained by chef Heinz Reitbauer, famous for cutting edge cooking. The restaurant is famous for the local ingredients, which gives the fabulous tasty items.

Style of Food: Australian

Best Food Items: Mountain fish, sour cream and pollem

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