IMAX is also known as Image MAXimum screens. It is a 70MM larger screen motion picture format and it display the screen with high resolution and greater image file system. In 1960-1970’s IMAX projection was developed by Robert Kerrm Graeme Ferguson, William C. Shaw and Roman Kroitor. Let’s check the Top IMAX theatres from all over the World.

1. Cinesphere – Toronto, Canada

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IMAX was first established in Canada on 1971 year. Cine-sphere theater is with 752 seating capacity and it was built in the shape of Disney. The theater placed in Ontario near to the lake. It is owned by the Government of Ontario. Now, Cinesphere is with new projection with IMAX Laser.

2. L’Hemisferic – Valencia, Spain

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L’Hemisferic theater is designed in a new manner of theaters. We can see any theater in a straight forward designs but it is designed as a giant eye shape. The visitor can be experienced with audio visuals. The whole building of 24,000m  is surrounded by water. It was established in the spain country.

3. Darling Harbour – Sydney, Australia

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Darling Harbour is a Largest IMAX screen in the world with 117 Ft wide and 96 ft high. The seating capacity of the theater is with 540 seats. It produces massive sound system with 15000 watts. If you want to get the wonderful movie experience on watching in theater’s then best suggested place is Australia’s IMAX. Here, you can get real Imax theater experience.

4. Futuroscope – Poitiers, France

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It Produces the awesome sounding system based on multimedia technology. The Futuroscope Imax displays Normal, dome, 3D, Dome 3D cinemas and also displays few 4D movies. The features of the first screen is a flying carpet screen and second screen is giving us a floating experience while watching the movies.

5. The Golden Snail – Jakarta, Indonesia

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It also known as Keong Emas theater, it is places in Jakarta. This Imax is available with the New and latest Imax screen system. For the larger IMAX screen, it has listed in the Guinness book of records from 1985-1991 edition. The theater having the 930 seating capacity and mostly prefer to show the tourist movies. Till now, the golden snail didn’t shown a film on golden apple snail.

6. Science Museum of Minnesota – Saint Paul, USA

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The theater is having with the world’s largest IMAX dome. Minnesota is a convertible dual screen system, it features flat screen and also can rotate domes for Imax films. From all over the world, it is only one that permanently installed electrical movie projector. It was established on 1907 in Kellogg Boulevard city.

7. Prasads IMAX – Hyderabad, India

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Prasad’s IMAX is a 5 screen multiplex and also offers the multinational fast food outlets. It is not a largest screen and also not a largest dome but it is a very popular theater from all over the world. The blockbuster movies like Spiderman and Harry Potter movies are run in the Prasad IMAX most days in the world. It having the 635 seat capacity with 12000 watts sounding system. It is located in Hyderabad, India.

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