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Ripple is a low-cost international payments service and also it is an RTGS Service (RReal-timeGross Settlement) and Ripple Price exchange service. It also called the RTXP service (Ripple Transaction Protocol) of Ripple. It offering the real time payment system.

Established on: 2012

Head Office: San Francisco, California, United States

Founders Name: Chris Larsen, Arthur Britto

CEO: Brad Garlinghouse

Categories: Currency Exchange, Payment service, Fin Tech, Financial Service, Block chain

Alternate Names: OpenCoin, Ripple Labs

Employee Size: >250

Current Status: Active

Recent Funding Type: Venture – Series Unknown

Business Type: Profit Basis

Ripple Labs:

It is an international payment service. It is an instant global financial transaction service and with no charges. In 2012 they released the internet protocol called XRP Ripple. To make the bank deposits we go for the XRP Kraken service. According to market capitalization, XRP is the 3rd largest coin business till now.

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Ripple news adopting the banks and payment networks as the settlement infrastructure technological business. By using the Ripple you can send money globally by the power of blockchain. It offering the Ripple exchange services on currency.


XRP is the native currency of the Ripple Network. Ripples inception is created by 100 billion XRP’s, it is divisible by the 6 decimal places and 1 million drop is equal to the 1 XRP. The Ripple users are not required to use XRP as a store.

How to buy ripple with USD:

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We can not directly buy the XRP account with USD. XRP is the Most effective way from coinbase process. To buy the ripples first we need to open and verify the Bitstamp account after the successful completion of verification, we can do a deposit and purchase the XRP.

OpenCoin and Ripple Labs:

Open Ripple Coin Developed a new protocol called by The Ripple Transaction Protocol. This protocol enables the direct transferring the money to two parties. Ripple protocol helps to buy the coin and we can change them any currency. you have the option to buy ripple with paypal through the bank account by using the ripplenet. Customers need to maintain the credit balance in their Ripple wallet service.

Ripple Careers:

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Ripple is working with the world class employees to grow their business day by day. To start the ripple career should have a piece of knowledge on financial technology. The designations are named in their Ripple white paper as like security experts, data scientists, software developer, silicon valley, cryptographers.


Ripple Website Address:

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The Ripple Email address for Sales: Sales: sales-at-rippleweb-dot-com

Ripple Email Address for Support: Support: support-at-rippleweb-dot-com

Ripple Customer care Number: 916-216-0984

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