5 Must Try Social Media Graphic Tactics

5 Must Try Social Media Graphic Tactics

Is your social media game letting the side down? If so, then it’s time that you looked to try new tactics in order to boost your appeal across different social channels.
As we all know by now. Thus vital that any self-respecting business has a presence on social media – and not just an unused Twitter or Facebook page, an active social media channel where customers (and potential customers) can interact with the company. Dependent on the size of the business, it can take an entire team to manage all of the company’s social accounts, but an effort worth putting in.

If, however, your social pages are lacking in interactions and audience, it can be a sign that you should be adopting a different approach. Below we have listed five tactics that you can adapt for your marketing strategy.


Over the last few years, there has been a rise in the use of infographics. A visually appealing and concise graphic that is designed to make information easily digestible that can be shared.
Using infographics on social media that otherwise limits your characters, such as Twitter, has proven to be a fantastic and user-friendly workaround to tell a story appealing to your audience. Although the best infographics are made by professional designers, various websites offer templates that can be used by users that are not as gifted creamy – perfect for small businesses.

Striking Banners

Therefore, When a user comes across any page associated with your brand, you want them to stay. The best way to do to ensure that your design appealing to the audience. On most social media channels, you are presented with a banner or background that can be customized. In order to fit the tone of the business.
This area can also be used to advertise upcoming events or a seasonal sale. There are numerous banner makers available online offering a simple service where users can create graphics based on a particular use. The idea to make use of striking colors that immediately catches the eye of the user, and display any text clearly and concisely otherwise you will lose the audience’s attention.
Striking Banners


GIFs have been a mainstay on the internet for well over a decade; however, it is only more recently that format has really been used to full effect on social media channels. The tactic is best used by B2C businesses as opposed to B2B, due to the voice that these projects.
While B2B businesses will look to adopt a more corporate approach. B2C will be keen to appeal to a wider audience, which often means more of an informal tone. Most GIFs are used for comedic effects, such as the examples here. Digital marketers like the use of GIFs, not just because they offer a unique approach, but because they expand the space used for the content, thus pushing competitors off the screen.twitter

Social Ads

Facebook Ads and sponsored tweets are not anything new but do offer a fantastic opportunity to reach out to a targeted audience. Facebook better than Twitter for this purpose, owing to the fact that their adverts are cheaper. To use and offer a far more in-depth audience analysis than Twitter (and other social media channels).
Social adverts are best used to build an online audience quickly and easily. A brand with few likes of Facebook will not appear as authoritative as one with thousands of likes.


Snapchat started the craze for social media users creating stories, consisting of pictures and videos that followers can scroll through. Twitter soon incorporated this into their own social channel, offering users a snapshot of an event. Businesses also have the capability to create their own story, documenting an event or offer.
Stories are geared towards the evolution of browsing.Which sees more of us use our mobile devices than traditional desktop computers. These encapsulate the entire screen when clicked on, ensuring that the user’s full attention on your story.

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