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Bookcases have been used for over centuries, with the love of books came the bookcases. A bookcase can help you keep your room neat; having heaps of books lying about is a disturbing sight and makes everything look so untidy. Apart from the neatness that a bookcase can get you in the room, it can add drama, class and height to it.


Book shelves are considered to be very practical furniture pieces, and just because they have to do with practicality and class do not put a limit to the styles that they come in. One can have a wooden book shelf and add sophistication to the room. A shelf with a lighter wood can give a casual look, even a cherry bookcase can come in handy if you do not much space to cater a bigger book shelf.

Love books too much? Why not get smaller book shelves for more than one room. Consider placing one in the bedroom and one in the hallway. You can now categorize your favorites and academics into two separate small shelves.

Here are a few unique book shelves that we have come across, one for every taste …
Scroll down to enjoy these 30 remarkable pieces from Industrial designers. They are unusual, yet creative. Praise the glory of human imagination!

Spherical Book cases:

They come in spherical, circular shapes. Ideal to store psychology books because of all the convenience in range of your hand. One can pull books out, place them back in. Perfect if one is habitual of referring from the books, all you need is to decide the sequence that you will remember with ease and will not need to put much effort into searching for the book.

Your favorites can be neatly arranged here; ideally a book lover should have such a convenient book shelf in the room, close to the heart.

Sphere Book shelf


spherical bookshelf


rounded bookshelf


rounded bookshelf

A Big Collection, calls for a BIG book shelf:

If you have got a lot of books piling up around the house. And do not have enough room to store them; a book shelf in the wall will be ideal for you. A really big book shelf that traces itself up to two stories or more will also suit your purpose and add some style to your home.

A curly book shelf, unique yet very spacious in containing will bring you the opportunity to have the same purpose suited. For every book lover out there, who wants a neat arrangement of his books there is a book shelf made and available for sale. Stairs can be used to build a glamorous book case over them ideally along the side.

Stairs book shelf

Hanging book shelf

Bookshelf in room

Room Bookcase

Bookcase in room

Bookshelf in a room


Bookshelf in room

book shelf in room

Unusual Bookshelves, from designers:

A few out of the ordinary shapes and sizes have book shelves standing out, you like to spice things up. Add these designer shelves, they are different from the usual cases that the market has to offer and therefore will define your unique personality.

Apart from adding decoration to your humble abode, they will help you manage your books and keep the house tidy. Creativity knows no end and these come in shapes of real life trees, branches and all that you could have never imagined. There are invisible ones too.

Bookcase Tree

book shelf


book shelf


Unusual bookshelf


book shelf

creative bookshelf

Tree book shelf

Unusual book case

Bookshelf in room

creative bookshelf


Unusual book case


creative bookshelf

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