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After the induction of a number of new gadgets (Smartphones and tablets) the web designers were not able to rely on the standard size of 1024px, then came the solution of “responsive designs” and the designers started to work on this.

Through responsive designs designers can easily design on whatever design size they are comfortable with and the website adjust according to the screen size itself. It has kind of become a norm these days to design Responsive WordPress Portfolios.

So if you still do not have grip on designing responsive WordPress portfolios, then you can take a look at the below mentioned 30+ Responsive Premium WordPress Portfolio Themes designed by other designers and design your new smart portfolios today!

1.Size Mttrs Responsive Portfolio

Size Mttrs Responsive Portfolio

2.Origin Responsive theme

Origin Responsive theme

3.Gridlocked Minimalistic Theme

Gridlocked Minimalistic Theme



5.Helious Grid Style Portfolio Template

Helious Grid Style Portfolio Template

6.Grid Style Theme

Grid Style Theme



8.Verb WordPress Theme

Verb WordPress Theme

9.eGallery WordPress Theme

eGallery WordPress Theme

10.Responsive Fullscreen Studio

Responsive Fullscreen Studio

11.Bigbang Responsive Grid WordPress Template

Bigbang Responsive Grid WordPress Template

12.Shots a Photo Folio

Shots a Photo Folio

13.ShapeShifter Flexible

ShapeShifter Flexible



15.Victoria Portfolio Photography WordPress Theme

Victoria Portfolio Photography WordPress Theme



17.SideWinder for WordPress Dynamic Grid Portfolio

SideWinder for WordPress Dynamic Grid Portfolio

18.Agency Fullscreen Portfolio WordPress Theme

Agency Fullscreen Portfolio WordPress Theme

19.William Portfolio Grid Theme

William Portfolio Grid Theme

20.Imbalance 2

Imbalance 2

21.Reflex Dynamic Grid Portfolio Blog Theme

Reflex Dynamic Grid Portfolio Blog Theme

22.Shaken Grid

Shaken Grid

23.Photolux Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme

Photolux Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme

24.Bookcase WordPress Portfolio Theme

Bookcase WordPress Portfolio Theme

25.Super Skeleton Responsive Minimal Beautiful WP

Super Skeleton Responsive Minimal Beautiful WP



27.Liquid Magazine Unique Fluid Grid Layout

Liquid Magazine Unique Fluid Grid Layout

28.Sideways Portfolio Website WordPress Theme

Sideways Portfolio Website WordPress Theme

29.The Arcadian Responsive WordPress Theme

The Arcadian Responsive WordPress Theme

30.Modern Studio

Modern Studio





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