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The only thing which can help you leaves mark on minds of others after first meeting is a creatively design BUSINESS CARD!! Business cards are important for all professions. They are important if you want to build contacts. It becomes a hassle if you have to write it down every time that you meet somebody. A business card on the other hand will get saved in desk and every time someone goes through his desk he will see that card.

Even though the electronic media is quickly taking over the print media then also the importance of business cards can not be denied. Even though they have size limitation yet if they are attractive and appealing and have proper contact information then size doesn’t matter. Business cards whether personal or business based are great tool of promotion, and always comes handy when right time strikes.

Compiled for you today is a list of 50+ Creative Embossed Business Cards Design Inspirations. Creativity and emboss will give your business card edge over the other simple and plain cards; they attract people more than a regular card can. So do not forget to give this extra detail to your business card to make it stand out from the crowd. Below mentioned list will help you get some ideas, so take a look!

1.Depux Business Card

Depux Business Card

2.Gouthier Design


3.Pao & Lee Design Office Business Card



Windsor Assurance LLC

5.Core Tek


6.Fire plan

Fire plan

7.New Business Cards

New Business Cards

8.Gravity Dance

Gravity Dance

9.The Kitchen at BBDO

The Kitchen at BBDO

10.Creative cards techniques

creative cards techniques

11.Minimalist embossed business

Minimalist embossed business



13.villainy and associates

villainy and associates

14.Metallic gold foil Embossed card

 metallic gold foil

15.Business card hot foil printing silver

business card hot foil printing silver

16.Sean Kiefer

Sean Kiefer

17.Visual Dialogue

Visual Dialogue

18.Road Dog business card




20.Grunge business card

grunge business card

21.Fabien Barral

Fabien Barral



23.When Eyes Fail

When Eyes Fail

24.Metal business card design

Metal business card design

25.creative retro business card

creative retro business card

26.sfera studios

sfera studios

27.Card print design

card print design

28.Taurus FREE Business Card

Taurus FREE Business Card

29.Run Forrest

Run Forrest

30.charbel akhras


31.DJ Tito Rock’s

DJ Tito Rock’s

32.Eve Lounge’s

Eve Lounge’s

33.Free Creative Business Card

Free Creative Business Card

34.simple candy




36.Blue business cards

blue business cards

37.Rda business card

rda business card

38.sketch font

sketch font

39.New Business Card Front

New Business Card Front

40.Furniture Business Card

Furniture Business Card

41.Dreamten Studios

Dreamten Studios

42.JTG Business cards

JTG Business cards

43.Spot UV Business Cards

Spot UV Business Cards

44.luis alarcon


45.business card

business card

46.Milky Interactive

Milky Interactive

47.Art of Marc Business Card

Art of Marc Business Card

48.Metal steel business cards laser cut


49.teckno grafick


50.Chapolito Web Design

Chapolito Web Design

51.slice dorange




53.Original Card Design

Original Card Design

54.Chris fisher radio presenter

chris fisher radio presenter

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