Why to Crowdsource Your Next Design Project!

So you just got a new designing project and do not know where to get the best ideas, proposals or designs for it? Well you have two options either dive into the pile of ideas you get via Google (some of which are not relevant) or by getting it Crowd source. However, later is a better option.

All you have to do is first give details of what you want a designer to do for your project, your budget and your deadline that is translating your vision into words as a guide for designers, how much they will earn and when the competition ends; second, enjoy the designs from the entire competitors; third, share with friends to get the review (and suggestions) and contact directly the designer for modifications and finally choose the best design amongst all! Easy no?

The greatest advantage of crowd sourcing your design project is that you get better ides at low rates. However, if you do not provide the right details of what is required for your task, then skimming through the ocean of results will be quiet a hectic task! So make sure that you give the correct and appropriate details of the task you need to get done.

Crowdsourcing Your New Design Project


Let me explain you crowdsourcing better with some an example. Say you have to design a logo; so crowdsourcing can be really beneficial for your logo designs project, as every Crowdsourcing firm makes sure that their clients get the best (lowest) price for their design project; they also give them at least hundred plus entries for each project to choose from (which is not possible if they are working with some local client) and not only this they also promise you best quality with 100% money back guarantee for your project if you do not find the perfect design…woah what else does one want!

Another advantage enjoyed as clients, while Crowdsourcing, is that you can easily review the portfolios of the designers working for website, with their updated portfolios even before you get your project Crowdsource. Also the chance of repetitive work is reduced if you crowdsource your design, because every time you get design from a different designer.
Plus to attract even more potential designers from around the glob you can name your logo designing project, your logo designing contest, and you can even reward them in end of the competition along with a token of appreciation to motivate them even more. By starting such a competition you can get quality with speed, which is definitely a plus a point.

So in a nut shell if you crowd source your any design project you get much wider variety of designs then you could even think of. There are some really talented designers out there who would happily be your accomplice in your designing project with minimal or no cost at all. Crowdsourcing will not only speed up your task but also reduces your burden. All you are left to do is choosing your favorite design from the alternative you get!

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