App Crash

App Crash! How to Resolve Pesky App Pitfalls Fast

One of the worst things to experience when people are using their phone is for an app to crash. They may be doing something important, so having an app that crashes is aggravating. Below is several reasons why apps crash, and how these problems can be fixed.

Why Apps Crash

Why Apps Crash

A common reason why apps malfunction is because they can’t handle certain connections. When app developers are making their apps, sometimes they forget to consider what type of connection a person is using. For instance, if a person is using an app in their office, it may work great because it’s using WiFi. Then, when the person uses the same app with a 3G service, the app may not respond because the app developer didn’t take into account the different types of connections.
Apps also crash because people do not update them. Sometimes when app developers are creating an app, the code is off slightly. This in turn affects the way it works and crashes are prone to happen. By updating the apps every week, this problem is circumvented all together.
Also, sometimes there is not enough memory on a mobile phone or tablet. Often times, this is the most common cause for an app crash. People may be trying to save too much information on their phones, limiting their ability to successfully run their apps. These people can learn about t-mobile cell phones and avoid this problem today.

Platform With The Most Crashes

Most Crashes

In terms of a phone’s platform, the iOS has the most problems with app crashes. Developers in a recent study were trying to see which platform had the most app crashes between Android and iOS. Surprisingly, iOS had the most app crashes. The developers believed this was due to the new operating system that the iOS was using. Since the system was new, the app developers didn’t put the necessary codes in, increasing the chances that their apps would crash.
Also, Android app developers can push for updates faster in their apps, giving them a quicker turnaround rate when it comes to solving an app’s problems. Conversely, Apple can’t do this and it typically takes weeks for their updates to show up on the market.

Solving App Crashes

Solving App Crashes

One of the easiest ways to deal with an app crash is to simply restart the phone. Sometimes this fixes the app and it will work properly again. Also, downloading updates for apps fixes the bugs if the app keeps crashing. These updates can be downloaded directly from the phone, making it easy for people to fix their app crashes.
Apps get updated every day, so people can regularly check their app marketplace. If people keep having problems with their apps, they may want to simply use another app. By checking app reviews, people can decide whether an app works properly or not, preventing app crashes altogether.
An app can crash for many reasons. Whether it didn’t get developed right or people may not have enough memory on their devices, these problems are frustrating. If these crashes happen often, people can solve them by following the tips listed above.

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