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WordPress Breadcrumb Plugins for Smoother Navigation

There is no denying the fact that Navigation is an important element of a blog design as, without an effective navigation path, a user may feel lost. Smooth navigation helps to enhance the usability of a site as it allows them to find the required information. Providing the right support a blog’s navigation and aiding the users to locate their whereabouts on it, Breadcrumbs are considered quite useful and are therefore much utilized.

In a blog particularly, which contains a large amount of content, Breadcrumbs help users locate the information and are found to be useful in the following ways:

Act as secondary navigation

They offer convenience to the users to reach directly the specific pages or categories on a blog and thus aid them to navigate the blog. An important factor for a user-friendly blog is bound to gain readers’ favorability. By increasing usability, breadcrumb navigation creates a positive impact on users.

Limits users’ efforts

Breadcrumbs reduce the number of steps that users may have to take as they no longer need to move back and forth, rather use Breadcrumbs to reach the desired destination. They thus, save the time of the readers.

Help identify the user’s location

This is a major advantage of using breadcrumbs which prevent users from feeling lost on the site. With the use of Breadcrumbs, a user can easily locate his current position on the blog.

Support Categorization of Posts

If blog content that it needs to categorized in order to make it user-friendly, breadcrumbs can provide the required support. There is no need to make separate pages for different categories as breadcrumbs can serve the purpose by displaying the various levels.


Breadcrumbs play a significant role in internal linking. By using relevant keywords in anchor text, various internal pages on the blog can be linked. Such an internal linking structure helps search engine spiders to know about the content.

Having seen the advantages, now we are going to mention some excellent WordPress Breadcrumb Plugins that can be used to offer a friendly experience to the users of your WordPress Blog.


1- Breadcrumb NavXT

An excellent WordPress plugin, Breadcrumb NavXT allows generating Breadcrumb trails and best feature is these trails customized to suit the requirements of the blog or site. Its administrative interface is also quite friendly.

WordPress Breadcrumb Plugins


2- Yoast Breadcrumbs


Another popular WordPress plugin allowing addition of breadcrumbs to a theme or template, it is also compatible with supported WordPress frameworks. Yoast Breadcrumbs currently supports Thematic, Hybrid, Thesis and WP framework.

WordPress Breadcrumb Plugins


3- Breadcrumbs Plus


The Plugin allows an easy way to add Breadcrumb menu to a blog or site and assists the visitors to get back to the previous pages from their current location. Breadcrumbs Plugins can localized for English, French, Italian, Spanish and Polish languages and currently supports Hybrid, Thesis, Genesis, Nifty and Thematic frameworks.

WordPress Breadcrumb Plugins


4- Simple Crumbs


As the name suggests, the plugin used to generate breadcrumbs for various pages on a WordPress blog and the posts present on them. It is required to use Permalinks for Simple Crumb’s plugin.


5- Breadcrumb Trail


Add a Breadcrumb menu in a simple way to your WordPress Theme by installing this plugin. However, the plugin requires 3.1 or higher WordPress version.

WordPress Breadcrumb Plugins


6- WordPress Breadcrumbs


WordPress Breadcrumbs allows adding breadcrumbs to a WordPress theme and used to enhance the navigation of your blog.


7- Simple Breadcrumbs For WordPress


The plugin comes handy to lend breadcrumb navigation to the pages and the various posts on your blog. The best part of this plugin is that it takes very less time and is easy to use.

WordPress Breadcrumb Plugins


8- BreadCrumb NavXT Widget


This plugin provides the required help for those using Breadcrumb NavXT by providing the widget support. It creates widgets for the breadcrumbs for users to include them in the side.

WordPress Breadcrumb Plugins


9- BP Breadcrumbs


The plugin offers a simple way of adding breadcrumb trail navigation to a BuddyPress Installation.

With the help of these plugins, now breadcrumb navigation to your WordPress blog offer a pleasant experience to your users.
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