35 Best Iphone Applications

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iphone application…….another wow factor of this cool Apple gadget. These iphone applications have grown from 500 apps to 225,000+ apps today. These apps will help you from major to minor tasks, such as checking alcohol content of your blood after a night of drinking!! While we all like to get things for free, some iPhone apps are simply worth paying for!! Today I have compiled 30+ iphone apps for you….so check and download them……NOW!!

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1- Photoshop IPhone App

This is the mobile version of the best and most popular image editing application you can find for desktop computers, and it’s free to boot. It comes for the iPhone and Android devices, which just adds to its coolness. It is no where near as advanced as the full version, of course, but it is good enough for doing a quick edit on any of your pictures, so you can post them on Facebook or email/message them to someone. Its abilities include cropping, resizing, modifying and applying various effects (B&W, Sepia, Mosaic, etc.) to any of the photos available or taken with the phone’s camera.

Photoshop-IPhone-App 35 Best Iphone Applications

2- Red Laser

RedLaser is a free scanning application for iPhone and Android that has been downloaded over 9 million times and has about as many uses.

red-laser 35 Best Iphone Applications

3- Skype Free IPhone App

This is a very neat application for making calls and sending SMSes at very cheap rates anywhere in the world, using Voice over Internet Protocol (which you may know as VoIP) using any 3G network or Wi-Fi router/hotspot. You can also get your own Skype number that works just as a regular phone, so you can have the same number wherever in the world you are. It can be re-directed to any landline or cell phone number in any country, which just makes it more awesome. It has already replaced the fixed and cell phone numbers of a lot of professionals (especially travelers) and can definitely do the same for you. The only competitor for Skype is Google Voice, which has all of the features above plus some unique ones (like the automatic transcription and translation of your voice messages) and is completely free (including the number!), but for some reasons Apple has decided to deny the application’s admission to the marketplace.

Skype-iPhone-App 35 Best Iphone Applications

4- Listingly

A self-proclaimed ’social expansion engine’ , iPling allows users to find others who share similar interests. They also match users with similar interests and provide an avenue to meet up in real-life after sending anonymous text messages.

Listingly 35 Best Iphone Applications

5- Layar Reality Browser Free iPhone App

This is a very cool AR (Augmented Reality) application for Android and now the iPhone. It allows you to find any places of interest around you. To give you an example, you can search for the best restaurant and it will show you a map depicting all the restaurants in your locality, complete with user reviews and ratings. Then you can go to it using your compass and GPS as navigation tools. You can also hold the iPhone in front and the application will show a sign above your restaurant or other destination of choice. Layar also has a pretty good integration with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, so you can easily see all the status updates

Layar-Reality-Browser-iPhone-App 35 Best Iphone Applications

6- Tweet Deck

Our new, favorite Twitter client that takes advantage of the same layout as its desktop counterpart – multiple columns, separation of user groups, and more.

Tweet-Deck 35 Best Iphone Applications

7- Classics

Classics is an application that holds many great books that you can read on your iPhone.

Classics 35 Best Iphone Applications

8- Bottle Rocket

Bottle Rocket is a development studio that has numerous applications, including games and helpful tools. One of these is Voice Recorder, which allows you to take voice notes.

Bottle-Rocket 35 Best Iphone Applications

9- Air Phones

AirPhones allows you to wirelessly listen to audio from your computer on an iPhone or iPod touch using Wi-Fi, making it work like wireless headphones.

Air-Phones 35 Best Iphone Applications

10- ReQall Pro

ReQall Pro acts like a ToDo list along with a quality reminder service. It allows the users to type or speak tasks into their iphone and store it for a later use. The reminder function can be set by day, time in hours and minutes and it will signal the user that it is time for them to carry out a specific task. The reminders that are set can be issued through voice mails, text messages, emails, instant messages or calendar alerts. The flexibility in using these functions makes this app different from the others. No other memory tool makes it so easy to capture retrieve and share ideas as ReQall would do.

ReQall-Pro 35 Best Iphone Applications

11- Source Bits

Sourcebits is a software development company that has created several iPhone apps.

Source-bits 35 Best Iphone Applications

12- Gas Cubby

This application is an excellent tool to help you track gas mileage and maintenance records for your car.

Gas-Cubby 35 Best Iphone Applications

13- File Magnet


FileMagnet enables users to move files from their computer to their iPhone very easily. You can copy files quickly, and it is cross-platform compatible.

File-Magnets 35 Best Iphone Applications

14- Where To?

Where To? is an application that helps you find businesses based on your location.

Where-To 35 Best Iphone Applications

15- Mint For IPhone

Mint is a popular budgeting application that is also available for the iPhone. You can check your account balances anywhere, and access accounting and budget information.

Mint-For-IPhone 35 Best Iphone Applications

16- ModGuitars Tuner Free IPhone App

This is a very simple web app that helps you tune your guitar easily. It is not like those automated tuning systems, but will do the job pretty well. It works by providing you with pre-recorded sounds of perfectly tuned guitar strings, which you can then use to tune yours (you’ll need a good music ear, though). The interface is as simple as it get, just click on any string and in will play the tune.

ModGuitars-Tuner 35 Best Iphone Applications

17- Summer Board

SummerBoard allows iPhone users to install more themes and wallpapers, making your iPhone more interesting.

summer-board 35 Best Iphone Applications

18- Tube Map

Given that London’s Tube trains remain as dependable as Tiger Woods, a little iPhone assistance can go a long way. Live line updates help you avoid arriving at a station only to find it’s shut, but if you do, the scrolling map and journey planner will let you find an alternative route Coupled with Google Maps, it’s certainly a gift for harassed commuters.

tube-map 35 Best Iphone Applications

19- Flickr

The Flickr iPhone app is a masterclass in design, with slideshows of your contacts’ photos panning across the screen the moment you fire up the app. There are options to catch up with recent activity on your account, view your contacts’ photostreams, and upload images snapped on the smartphone’s camera – although it lacks the serendipitous “Explore” feature of the full website. The BlackBerry software is limited, focusing solely on uploads.

Flickr 35 Best Iphone Applications

20- Audio Boo

Audioboo is an application for recording and sharing your voice with the world. This free version allows you to create audio up to 5 minutes in length and post that to your own account on the web. You can add titles, tags, geolocation info and a photo to the recording before you upload it and we’ll save all that with the file.

Audio-Boo 35 Best Iphone Applications

21- Gorillacam

Pretty much from nowhere, Gorillacam arrived in December 2009 from the creators of the Gorillapod tripods. It mashes together a slew of features to hugely improve an iPhone’s camera (timer, multi-shot, spirit-level, on-screen grid, ‘press anywhere’ capture), meaning you can bin a half-dozen standalone apps that offer similar things.

Gorillacam 35 Best Iphone Applications

22- Facebook

Once an ugly duckling, but now as of version 3 a social network aware swan, Facebook is a triumph. The revised grid-based ‘home screens’ provide speedy access to regularly visited sections (news feed, notifications, and so on) and pages, and the experience is such that it in many ways beats the browser version.

Facebook 35 Best Iphone Applications

23- The Train Line

For anyone commuting by train, thetrainline is the free app to beat all others. Journey planning, offline results, timetables and a location-aware ‘next train home’ option are available via a clean, streamlined interface. The app’s not quite as good as National Rail Enquiries, but it is very similar – and five quid cheaper.

the-train-line 35 Best Iphone Applications

24- Wikipanion

The Wikipedia website works fine on iPhones, but a dedicated app is a better bet. Wikipanion is a freebie which gives you quick access to article sections, in-article search, viewing options, bookmarking, and the ability to tweet about whatever odd fact you’ve just unearthed. Also, wonderfully, there are no ads.

Wikipanion 35 Best Iphone Applications

25- Echofon For IPhone

Despite strong competition from Twitterrific and TweetDeck, Echofon is our iPhone Twitter client of choice. It’s both lightweight and responsive, with support for advanced features such as the recently implemented Twitter lists, geotagging and the option to quickly tweet photos stored on your handset. The only big omission is the option to juggle multiple Twitter accounts (TweetDeck’s your man for this).

Echofon-For-IPhone 35 Best Iphone Applications

26- News IPhone App

Get the latest news directly on your iPhone with the new york times free iPhone app. The app is constantly updating itself and providing you with the latest news from around your local area.

News-IPhone-App 35 Best Iphone Applications

Iphone Games Applications

27- Doodle Jump

Dominated the Top 25 list for quite a while. Accelerometer based movement you guide your Doodle to bounce off platforms, jumping to the highest point possible as you avoid getting hit.

Doodle-Jump 35 Best Iphone Applications

28- Bungee Stickmen Free IPhone App

This is the latest game to be taking over the iTunes store. Bungee stickmen is a free game for your iPhone to test your bungee skills. Dive of the bridge and get as many points as you can.

Bungee-Stickmen 35 Best Iphone Applications

29- Orbital

This game is so horrifically addictive, we’re surprised there hasn’t been a campaign in the Daily Express to have it banned. The intelligent brother of Bust-a-Move, the idea of Orbital is to make spheres disappear by repeatedly bashing them with other spheres fired from a gun at the foot of the screen. So much easier to play than explain, head over to the Orbital website for a free browser-based demo, and make sure you check out the Supernova mode when you download it on your iPhone.

Orbital 35 Best Iphone Applications

30- Flight Control

Elegantly simple and highly addictive game. You direct various planes to different landing strips, all the while trying to avoid collisions. Updated with Bluetooth device co-op.

Flight-Control 35 Best Iphone Applications

31- Peggle

The time sucking, simple Pachinko style casual PC game from PopCap ported to your device.

Peggle 35 Best Iphone Applications

32- Tapulous

Tapulous is the creator of Tap Tap, a Guitar Hero like game, and many other games as well as tools.

Tapulous 35 Best Iphone Applications

33- Frenzic

Frenzic is another fun puzzle game for the iPhone.

Frenzic 35 Best Iphone Applications

34- Field Runners


Fieldrunners is a strategy game with stunning graphics, developed exclusively for the iPhone.

Field-Runners 35 Best Iphone Applications

35- Real Racing

Standard track based racing game, but has the best graphics on an iPhone game to-date. Worth it alone to see what the iPhone is capable of.

real-racing 35 Best Iphone Applications

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