20+ Pixel Perfect Mini Icon sets

Compiled today is a list of Pixel Perfect Mini Icon sets. We have already posted a few articles on icons, but this is a little different from previous articles. These are mini icons. Icons can come really handy when they are used at the right place properly and smartly. These icons always comes handy when you have less space, these illustrations provide visual support and can easily accommodate in small spaces.

Well deigned and free icons always come in handy while designing any website. So all you need to do is to have some really cool and interesting icons for your website to make them popular among masse on the web. So take a look at the below mentioned list of Pixel Perfect Mini Icon sets and pick a smart set of mini icon for your next design.

1-50 Mini Icons


2-Touch gesture icons


3-Free Glyphs


4-150 vector icons


5-154 free icons

154 free icons

6-128 unique icon designs

154 free icons

7-Clean mono icons

Clean mono icons


8-A free 24 social icon set

A free social icon set

9-100 icons + PSD

100 icons PSD



11-36 Setway Icon Set

Setway Icon Set


12-Free simple icon

Free simple icon


13-35 Wooden Free Social Networking Icons

35 Wooden Free Social Networking Icons


14-Social Network Icons

Social Network Icons


15-30 Forecast Icons

30 Forecast Icons


16-Other Icons


17-Collection of 80 handcrafted

Collection of 80 handcrafted

18-MF glabs iconset


19-Web app icons

web app icons

20-Blue Icon Set

Blue Icon Set

21-Glyph Icons


22-Black White Social Network Buttons

Black White Social Network Buttons

23-Micro Icon Set

Micro Icon Set

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