20+ Joomla Social Bookmarking Plugins

The main purpose of blogging is to reach out to masses and share your thoughts and opinion about a specific topic or having a website of your firm is to attract a huge number of visitors and that is easily possible by social networking plugins or extensions. And without submitting our post or article on social networking site you are missing on huge amount of traffic.

Joomla is a dynamic portal engine and a content management system. This award winning CMS enables you to create powerful websites and online applications on the web easily. This CMS is free to use and has a great community support. So why not get more traffic by using this awesome CMS??

Today I have compiled a list of Best Joomla Social Bookmarking Plugins for you…….take a look!!

1- Bincom Twitter

Bincom’s Joomla Module for Twitter Profile Widget Display for Joomla 1.5. It contains most of the options from twitter’s widget as Joomla Module Parameters. This is version 1 of the module. Expect upgrade to show other twitter feeds (search, list, e.t.c) very soon. Module developed for one of Bincom’s clients project after Twitter’s CURL gave so much issues. This is released free to the world on behalf of Joomla User Group Nigeria by BADEsemowo of (Bincom ICT Solutions). Inspired by refactoring previous works by iNow Twitter Widget.(http://www.iNowWeb.com) and adding multiple optional parameters. Does anybody know when Twittr renamed to Twitter ? ps: You must log into download extensions. Update: minor correction to remove parse error in some servers.

Joomla Social Bookmarking Extenstions

2- Twitter Fan Page

This Awesome modules display(s) you twitter fan’s on the your site.This module also display fan list on your twitter Page Features.

Joomla Social Bookmarking Extenstions

3- Social Share and Vote Button

Social Share and Vote Button plugin adds vote button for all popular social network and bookmark sites like Facebook, Digg, Delicious, Stumble etc.

Joomla Social Bookmarking Extenstions

4- Add This All In One Social Network Buttons

With AddThis you can have all social network buttons or box counters from Facebook, Google Buzz, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, MySpace, LinkedIn etc.

Joomla Social Bookmarking Extenstions

5- Twitter Follow Me

Shows your Last Tweet, Follower count and you can be followed in the same browser window ! You are sure to catch your visitor’s attention with the Pagepeel effect icons. What makes Followme different is that it’s lightweight.

Joomla Social Bookmarking Extenstions

6- Bottombox

This plugin shows a box at the end of an article. It shows a link to your RSS Feed and to some social bookmark services. It uses the AddThis service and if you want to, you can use your AddThis unsername. There is also room for your own HTML code or text. This plugin resembles the Socialble plugin from WordPress. The Bottombox is highly customizeable. In the folder /plugins/content/bottombox/ you’ll find a stylesheet and the icons. At the backend you can select the services which are displayed at the frontend. Furthermore you can select, if the box is shown in the articleview only or in the category and sectionview, too. Of course you can select articles, categories and sections by their ID to exclude them from displaying the box. The plugin is available in German and in English.

Joomla Social Bookmarking Extenstions

7- Share This

ShareThis for Joomla!. Share your content with others via a huge list of social networking sites or send others links to articles via email. You can also manage your ShareThis solution centrally with ShareThis for Joomla!’s Shared Article Manager.

Joomla Social Bookmarking Extenstions

8- Stalker

Most people nowadays use social networks to publicize their ideas and to bring in new visitors to their sites, so having an easy way for people to connect to you is becoming a “must have” for most sites. That’s where this perfectly named extension can be handy.

Stalker is the easiest Joomla extension to display links to all your social networks on your Joomla. It uses an attractive interface that is bound to attract your visitors. Stalker comes with approximately 45 social networks ready to go but you can add any new network you wish. It is easy to install and configure, comes with attractive icons and can be easily modified.

Joomla Social Bookmarking Extenstions

9- JX Share Link

JX Share Link allows you to add a drop-down box with share links for several different social bookmarking sites. Open Share IconThis plugin is designed for Joomla 1.5.

Joomla Social Bookmarking Extenstions

10- Advanced Social Bookmarker

Quickly & easily add social bookmarking buttons in 3 separate places in each article.

Joomla Social Bookmarking Extenstions

11- Social Bookmarking Genius

Our Social Bookmarking Module allows guests and members on your website to Bookmark any page they find interersting on your site on the top Social Bookmarking sites by simply clicking on the icon for the Social Bookmarking site in the module. Clicking the Icon Link in the module will automatically take your guest directly to the Bookmark page on the selected site if they are logged in. The Social Bookmarking sites that are currently supported are: Bibsonomy, Blinklist, Connotea, Delicious, Digg, Diigo, Dropjack, Dzone, Facebook, Fark, Faves, Folkd, Friendfeed, Furl, Google, Google Buzz, Identica, Jumptags, Kirtsy, Linkagogo, Linkedin, Misterwong, Myspace, Newsvine, Propeller, Reddit, Simpy, Slashdot, Stumbleupon, and Twitter.

Joomla Social Bookmarking Extenstions

12- Article Book Marker

Simple Article Booke Marker for Joomla 1.5 Native.

Joomla Social Bookmarking Extenstions

13- AutoTweet NG

Twitter is a great way to stay in touch with your website’s users, and this extension makes it super easy for you to tell your followers when you add new content to your site. When you publish a new article, AutoTweet NG will automatically post the URL and title of the article as your status update on Twitter. This extension supports multiple URL shortening services, including is.gd, a bit.ly, and tinyurl.com.

Joomla Social Bookmarking Extenstions

14- Social Media Presence

This module has 117! social media icons for your members or guests to link directly to your social media profile pages. This module is a must for any website owner who wishes to increase their social media presence.

Joomla Social Bookmarking Extenstions

15- Ultimate Facebook Like & Share Content Button Plugin

Facebook Like & Share Content Button is a plugin for Joomla 1.5.x which add a like & share button on top/bottom( or both) on each article.

Joomla Social Bookmarking Extenstions

16- Sexy Bookmarks

Sexy Bookmarks for Joomla is a small plugin which provides the possibility to add different social bookmark services to your Joomla based Website. The (X)HTML compliant code will add a list-based menu with different icons in each article. This allows your users to add your articles to most of the popular social bookmarking services.

Joomla Social Bookmarking Extenstions

17- Facebook Social Comments

This extension lets your Joomla site’s visitors comment on your content using their Facebook account, and visitors can choose whether or not they want to display their comment on their Facebook profile. With Facebook Social Comments, you can choose the content you want visitors to be able to comment on, so you can show or hide the comment button on certain menu items, sections, categories, and articles.

Joomla Social Bookmarking Extenstions

18- Nice Social Bookmark

This module shows icons from 8 most known social sites (delicious, digg, facebook, google, myspace, stumbleupon, twitter and rss feed) there are 4 different sizes of icons to choose from (24,32,48,64) and 4 different sets of icons (aquatic, orange round, white round and logorunner)

Joomla Social Bookmarking Extenstions

19- Flickr Highslide

If you want to showcase images from your Flickr account on your website, then you need to check out Flickr + Highslide. Not only does this extension display your Flick photos on your Joomla site, but it also offers 12 display options and 7 gallery styles. You can choose to display all of the images from your Flickr account, or just a particular photoset, in random or latest order, and you can alter the size of the photos and thumbnails.

Joomla Social Bookmarking Extenstions

20- The Ultimate Social Bookmarking Plugin

This plugin will add social bookmarking buttons to your content, making it easy for your visitors to submit your articles and build traffic to your website. This new Joomla! plugin was built as a superior replacement for the old Social Bookmarking Buttons plugin for Joomla 1.0.x. This new plugin puts the buttons where you want them, allows an unlimited amount of customization, and is compatible with Joomla! 1.0.x and Joomla! 1.5 natively.

All styling is editable through an included CSS file, multiple folders/styles of buttons are included along with a photoshop PSD template, all buttons can be enabled or disabled and new custom buttons for any social bookmarking website can be easily added through an XML file (60 buttons currently included):

Joomla Social Bookmarking Extenstions

21- Facebook Like Box

Facebook Like Box is a social Joomla module that enables Facebook Page owners to attract and gain Likes from their own website. The Like Box enables users to: see how many users already like this page, and which of their friends like it too.

Joomla Social Bookmarking Extenstions

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