10 Ways for Designers to Get Clients

If you are a graphic designer and want to know of the effective ways in which you may obtain some freelance projects. We understand completely what you seek, and keeping what you wonder as our theme today, we have come up with the top ten ways in which you may achieve your goals as a graphic designer.

If you are not new to the field you may already be familiar with a few of those project obtaining techniques that I am about to unveil.

By disclosing these ways to get more clients we do not claim to have handed you a magic wand that you’ll sway and start getting projects over night. It is a long process that takes proper thought and creativity at your end. As per your capabilities and skills you may try the method that fits you the best. However, everything requires patience and effort.

1. Create a website or a blog with a catchy name:

Domain name
You can always start with having a portal to your talent. A portfolio put at display to public at large. This can be a website or a blog that you can run personally or hire a professional to do so, effectively.

2. Network with people over various social networking forums:


Socializing, that is talking about your work and all that you can do is always a very good option. You can network with people over various social networking forums such as linkedin an all. When networking you are only coming into contact with professionals, always remember this give and take; both parties help each other with professional links and resources.

3. Ask to be referred:


If you have happy customers, make it a habit to ask them for referrals. Remember that people usually have friends with similar needs, so if one friend recently hired your services and was satisfied the other one is likely to do the same as well. People take their friends’ words for it quite seriously. Ask to be referred.

4. Be smart:

be smart
Networking is the most important thing next to the work itself. Join as many forums as you can and be active. But joining forums like freelancer.com, guru.com and or Elance.com may not just be the right move. They ask for commissions and the bids are often too low for your talent. Why work at $20 when you make much more by producing proper designs on websites such as Designcrowd.com?

5. Blend in the trend, make the most of the buzz:


With SMM, Social Media Marketing being the buzz, having a portfolio on your blog or website will just not be enough. Make a facebook page; give the people what they want, upload your work here. Your basic goal is to let people know of your work, the more popularity you gain, the more you can make.

6. Reputation, A matter of life:

Never miss a deadline that has been assigned to you. Always remember the better reputation you can built for yourself, the more orders you get. It is highly unprofessional for a person to miss a deadline; work that you have already agreed to do should be completed by the date and better if before it that it was due at.

7. Keeping away from distractions:

be your own boss

As a freelance designer you may have difficulties managing your time and keeping away from all the distractions that you have great access to, and focus on your work. This is not a joke and freelancing is not the easiest thing in the world. You need to be responsible and to be your own boss requires that you keep yourself on your toes and get the best out of your own skills.

8. Approach potential clients:

These potential clients can be local businesses that you think may need your services. You can tell them of all the improvements you can bring to their work. This is almost like a salesman trying to hit sales, going door to door. There may be a lot of rejection and discouraging response at first, but chances are you may be able to expand your client base.

9. Contact Press-houses and other design agencies:

deign agency

These are known to hire freelance designers to transfer their over load of work to.
Now of course you’d want your very own clients but desperate times call for desperate measures and these firms pay well.

10. Be open to new ideas, always learn:

This is the most effective way of getting projects. If you challenge yourself and are equipped with all the latest techniques that are available with other designers you may prove to be a cut-edge designer and in turn get a lot of work.Learning is always the smartest way to keep the income running.

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