10+ Smartphone Wireless Chargers

Smartphones have taken over the mobile world with its sophistication and efficiency. But the most irritating thing about these phones is their battery time. These Smartphones no doubt are really easy to use and handle and they are extremely proficient but when its battery dies off they are of no use unless you recharge them.
However, every time you need to charge them it is not necessary that you are near a socket. At times you are out on your way to somewhere of partying with friends and you need to charge your phone then you need a wireless charger.
Presenting below is a list of 10+ Smartphone Wireless Chargers. These will never let your battery die!

1.Nokia Charging Plate

This is a thin and just like a plate device in which you can charge wireless your phone.It have in different colors like yellow,red and blue.It is light and easy to carry any where.

Nokia Charging Plate


It is a USB powered wireless charger.It is look modern and advance.Support by Qi technology and works with any Qi enabled devices.It is also available in different colors.


3.Energizer Dual Inductive Charger

It is also called universal charger because this wireless charger works with all Qi enabled devices.It is quite efficient and also prevent overcharging with standby mode once your device is fully charged.

Energizer Dual Inductive Charger

4.Nokia Fatboy Pillow Charger

It is a small device just like a pillow that charge your phone wirelessly.It only for Nokia Mobiles especially for Lumia series.This device come in vibrant color like red,yellow and blue.You just placed your lumia on it and start it working

Nokia Fatboy Pillow Charger

5.TYLT Vu Charger

This is an attractive and chic design device which is came in various colors like yellow ,black ,blue and red.You place your phone on it and it’s charge wirelessly.

TYLT Vu Charger

6.Nokia Wireless Car Charging holder

This device is especially design for using in cars.This is a quite well device for charging phone in a car wirelessly.It can hold your phone (horizontally or vertically).

Nokia Wireless Car Charging holder

7.Nokia Wireless Charging Stand

It is also a wireless device with a stand on which you can place your phone on it to charge wirelessly.One good thing about this device is that it keeps your phone in that position where you can also use it.
Nokia Wireless Charging Stand

8.Oregon Scientific Time & Wireless Charging Station

This is an awesome device which have two capabilities:first one it is a clock and second a wireless charger.Clock tell you the time.date.and as well as outdoor temperature while your phone charges.At the end it is a Good device.

Oregon Scientific Time & Wireless Charging Station


It is a charging device in a wirless way whose allow you to charge your phone,music player and some other devices.It is a easiest way to charge your mobile wirelessly.Pick the type of ring that is suits for your mobile.

Power Kiss

10.Powermat Wireless Charging System for Samsung Galaxy S

Powermat Wireless Charging System for Samsung Galaxy S

11.Starbucks testing wireless smartphone charging

Starbucks testing wireless smartphone charging

12.Droid dna power charging


13.iBattz SMART Wireless Charger


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